Creating a Beautiful Living Room on a Budget

Creating a Beautiful Living Room on a Budget

Are you tired of the looks or layout of your living room but don’t have the budget to start over from scratch? Many people want to decorate their living rooms, but some simply cannot afford it considering today’s economic climate. Now you can decorate your living room at little or no cost.

When most people consider “re-decorating” they automatically tend to think it involves purchasing all new items, but this isn’t always necessary. Simply decorate by rearranging the things you already have, and do a little “de-cluttering” to make the room look open and spacious. There are several ways to freshen up and revive the look of your living room without going broke!

Double the size of the room with these simple tricks

To make a room appear to be more spacious than it actually is, clean out all of the unnecessary items. If you have a bunch of boxes stacked up in one corner, move them to a different room or better yet, throw them out. This is a key in decorating; the less clutter there is in a room, the more space you will have to display the accents and accessories you love.

Also, consider placing a few pieces of furniture closer to walls to open up pathways to other rooms. Keep window coverings simple and light to avoid the dark, closed in look that heavy drapes often create.

Define your spaces

Help define seating and conversation areas with accent rugs. If you want the area to appear more spacious, choose a light colored rug. A dark color makes the room seem more romantic and intimate which might give off the wrong vibe to any company you have over. Make sure the colors of the rugs you choose harmonize; they can be either complementary or contrasting with other accents in the room.

In order to balance your space, make sure the floor is a little darker than the walls. If you have wood floors, this can easily be accomplished by staining the floor. If you have carpeting, use a large area rug to add contrasting color. Display accents sparingly to keep the area open and airy. With large accents, display them in various areas of the room instead of together; the exact opposite is true for smaller accessories, which look beautiful when displayed together.

Plants: An easy and affordable way to liven up a room

A good way to make the room seem a bit more natural and breezy is to add a few live plants. Silk plants do have a “real” look, but nothing is quite like live plants to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to a room. Plants are relatively inexpensive and sometimes you can even get a “start” from your neighbor’s plants for free. This is one extremely affordable way to accent a room.

Use old furnishings as much as possible. The gently worn distressed look is all the rage today! Consider transforming some pieces you no longer use. An old wooden door can easily be transformed and made a unique coffee table. A little imagination and creativity can go a long way in helping you freshen up the look of your living room on a budget.