Cleaning Window Drapes During Springtime Cleaning

Cleaning Window Drapes During Springtime Cleaning

Setting up window treatments, curtains and window drapes add elegance to a room. It creates a majestic transformation beautifying the interior according to the preference. It keeps Mr. Sun and the public out of view creating privacy when needed. It results to a comfortable atmosphere suitable for relaxation thus making it a vital fixture for any room.

Most housekeepers are challenged in properly caring and maintaining for these ornaments. Window drapes, in particular, are usually a work load especially during Spring cleaning. Most drapes are made of heavy and bulky materials that weigh a ton when wet. Unfortunately it has the capacity to collect dust and dirt by hanging at its place. Knowing how to maintain them can be a big help. Dirty drapes have the capacity to invite bacteria and viruses in your home as the first line of defense against pollution.

It is highly recommended to shake off debris when drawing the drapery at the end of the day. This prevents the particles from lodging in the drapes permanently. If possible, connecting a soft brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner at least once a week to make sure it is temporarily cleaned rather than to make it a breathing ground for unwanted germs in the household.

Always read the label before applying care. Some draperies require special attention thus seeking professional help is needed to accomplish the task. Before buying it would be best to note the color, texture and structure of the drapes to make sure you are applying utmost care for long use. Some large, bulky and pleated draperies cannot be hand washed. Dry cleaning is best suggested for such situation. So send out those dirty draperies to the laundry shop and have it professionally cleaned.

Pay attention to details. Make sure that you follow instructions on how these items are supposed to be cleaned. If it uses a different material for lining and body seek professional help. One color may not be colorfast thus destroying the item instantly.

Use mild detergent and cold water to wash drapes. One can use their own hands or washing machines in cleaning the fixture. Rinse it thoroughly to avoid it from depleting. Air the item but avoid it from being exposed in direct sunlight. Tumble dry it to ensure that it will dry up fast. Do not let it sit in the machine long enough to avoid deformation. If not in use, it would be best to fold it properly and store it in a dry area for next use.

Always press the drapes on the reverse side to maintain its color and design. These ornaments are meant for decoration thus it is important to make sure that it does not lose its color or design. Some are embroidered or sequenced so pay attention to the details. We do not intend to hang something unattractive right?

Keeping the household clean means leaving no stones unturned. This includes paying attention to the windows and its trimmings. Commonly we tend to overlook this part due to its incapacity to draw attention. However it is still a part of the house. It still makes up the interior of the room. Dirty draperies can tell so much about its inhabitants thus it would be best to maintain it. Besides clean window treatments can produce fresh, clean air.