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Simple Home Design

Nowadays, the current property prices are very high compared to the previous year. The newly married young couple usually will buy a simple small house to suit their financial condition. But any small house can still be designed properly by a simple home design so that it remains comfortable and still looks beautiful. Here are the tips for simple home design for a small house.

Bright Colors

The first simple home design for small house use mostly bright colors. Design your house with bright and white colors make your house feel spacious and look bright. You can combine the white color on your wall and colored or patterned rug on the floor. This will make your house warmer and more beautiful.

Maximize Big Window

The next simple home design for small house maximize the big window. Let the sun shines from the outside brighten your room. It will make your room looks larger and wide-open. Take advantage of the morning sunlight, when it is too hot in the daylight you can use a curtain with interesting motives to cover the window.


The next simple home design for small house put the mirror on the wall. By reflecting the light, mirrors can help create the optical illusion that makes a small room looks wider. Attach a large mirror on the living room or dining room wall to create a duplicate illusion of the real size of the room.

High Ceiling

The next simple home design for small house design a high ceiling for each room. If you have a small room, you need to design a high ceiling because it will make your room more spacious and give a relieving feeling. Design the high ceiling especially for the public rooms such as living room or dining room. Because you will tend to use this room together often.…



The living room has indeed become one of the most frequently used spaced at home. Because there is no other space that can make family relax and spend time together while enjoying the entertainment. Creating a comfortable living room need a proper plan. Set up a right living room design and maintain the cleanness are the two main key to designing a comfortable living room. Here is some inspiration to organize a narrow living room to make it comfortable.

Choose The Right Color

The choice of the right color can bring a fresh and cheerful atmosphere in living room design. Choose the light colors for living room design, because the dark colors tend to make the room feel cramped. In contrast with the bright colors that can make the living room more spacious. You can paint the wall in neutral colors and combine with simple accented furniture and monochrome accessories.

Put Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors can make a narrow living room seem more bright and spacious. The reflection of the wall color will bring vitality and dynamic impression on the living room design.

Minimalism Furniture

Select minimalism furniture and avoid furniture with excessive details. The purpose is to make the living room design seem more spacious and impressive. A large sofa will make the room look more comfortable, but keep in mind that a large couch will take too much space and make the room feel much more narrow. It will limit the space. Choose a comfortable small sofa and other minimalism furniture to avoid the room feel more cramped.

Multifunction Furniture

Select the multifunction furniture for your living room design. You can buy a small sofa which can be set into the sofabed. Another alternative is a table that can be folded when you don’t need it. Too many seats or chairs also take up too much space. Add some cushions on your carpet or sofa. Cushions make the room feel more friendly and comfortable. Choose the right patterns, textures, and colors of textiles which still harmonize with the other types of furniture. For the limited space your creativity is very important.

Set Up The Perfect Lighting

This is the significant step in creating a spacious living room design. The right lighting can change the atmosphere of the room. It can make the room becomes more lively and friendly. A unique and simple chandelier can beautify the space and create the appropriate ambiance, without consuming space for other furniture.…



Sometimes you may need some decorating ideas for your home. Whether you have a big and luxurious home or a small and simple home. A luxurious house not only can be found with the excessive decoration. A simple home could also be luxury with some of the following home decorating ideas. These tips below may help you to design a simple yet luxurious home decor.

Warm Wall Colour And Minimalist Wallpaper

One of the main keys in simple yet luxurious home decor is the choice of the wall design. Whether you choose a plan wall colour like white, grey or beige or decorate it with a wallpaper. You can choose a wallpaper with motifs of lace or abstract with a warm colour. The most important thing in decorating ideas for your home is to make sure that every aspect of the decorations are balanced and blends as well.

Note The Messy Cable

The simple thing to do in decorating ideas for your home is tidy up the messy cable. One of the things that can ruin a simple but luxurious home decor is the distraction of the cable lying carelessly. Such as cable TV, fan, charger and various other wires. To create a perfect home decor, make sure you have hidden the cables.

Decorate The Wall With Family Photos

Showing the warmth of the family can also be a simple home decorating ideas for your home. It could be a trick that changes a simple house into a luxurious house. Not just a minimalist décor, but the warmth of the family can also add the luxury of your home. So, do not hesitate to decorate a room in your house with various family photos.

Keep It Simple

The next decorating ideas for your home is to keep it simple. Simple but luxurious home decor will be perfect if you carry a minimalist theme. No need to choose too many decorations and also the display wall. Choose a few that could be a statement item. On the other words, if you put too many decorations it will make the room look full.

Use The Harmonize Colours

Try not to use too many colours in decorating ideas for your home. For example, use only 3 dominance colours such as white, grey and beige. It will make your house more simple yet luxurious.

Put Ornaments At One Place

If you have a lot of ornaments, try not to spread the display in various corners of the house. Combine the display in a glass display cabinet. For example, put your favourite books and other decorations in one place alongside the TV cabinet. This will not take too much spot in your house.

Put Souvenirs From Travelling

If you often go travelling, put a variety of souvenirs you collect from many places. Try to put together a display with a single theme, such as plates, cutting board, or any other souvenirs. This will complete the stage of decorating ideas for your home.…

Bathroom Decor Tips for Minimalist Home

bathroom decor

Minimalist bathroom often built in the small type of house. It often makes people confuse how to decorate their minimalist bathroom. But do not worry, there are some bathroom decor tips for minimalist home that you can take is as the idea to realize your wish.

Bathroom can be a cozy place if it has a good and unique decoration. The small dimensions of your bathroom is not a limitation for you in having a unique bathroom. You still can find a lot of inspirations for your dream bathroom. You can follow the bathroom decor tips for minimalist home below.

Look for the References Far in Advance

Before decorating your bathroom, you need to look for the references far in advance. Looking for references far before will make you sure for your plan in decorating your minimalist bathroom. This is the number one of the bathroom decor tips for minimalist home you need to apply.

You can find many decor inspirations for your bathroom from the design magazine or other media such as television or blog. After get the right design, you can start to make it true.

Use Shower for Your Bathroom

The most important place in the bathroom is the bath up. Because of the limited dimensions of the bathroom, you better change it with shower. It will give more space to your bathroom. Without bath up, your bathroom will still look good. Choose shower with a good design or shape. This is the number two of the bathroom decor tips for minimalist home to follow.

Use Small Size Furniture

The number three of the bathroom decor tips for minimalist home is use small size furniture. Choose the right size of your furniture.  Small size furniture is perfect for your bathroom. It is because we do not need many stuffs in bathroom. By putting small furniture, we still can decorate our bathroom as we wish.

Put Equipment on the Wall

Besides using small size furniture, we can put equipment on the wall. It is a good idea for your minimalist bathroom.  This will give an unusual look but in positive meaning. By putting the equipment on the wall, it will make your bathroom look wider. You can put a small cabinets for your equipment such as toothbrush, soap, scissors and shaver. It will make your bathroom look neater. This is the number four of the bathroom decor tips for minimalist home to follow.

Utilize the Space Well

Utilizing the space well is the last bathroom decor tips for minimalist home you need to follow. Put unnecessary stuffs will make your bathroom look narrower. You have to utilize the space well. For example, you can use a space under the sink to store tissues or something else.

By applying all the bathroom decor tips for minimalist home, you can create the new innovation in decorating your minimalist bathroom from these tips above. Be the one who can inspire others in decorating their minimalist bathroom.…