5 Ways to Cozy Up a Large Living Room

5 Ways to Cozy Up a Large Living Room

Most people love large living or family rooms, but they tend to have a cold or cavernous appearance, especially when the ceilings are vaulted. While you love the spaciousness, you may wonder how to make the room feel a little more warm and inviting, or cozy. You want your home to have an atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming, an almost intimate appeal that feels alluring.

There are several ways you can break up a large space in order to make it feel a bit more personal. This article will give you tips on creating a room that offers interest, appeal and, most of all, warmth.

Arrange Several Furniture Groupings

The easiest way to break the room up is to group furnishings in different areas, each for a purpose. Arrange your sofa, loveseat, recliner and tables in a small grouping around an area rug. This makes a wonderful conversation area when guests visit. Furniture should not be placed against the wall; this only makes things look impersonal. You may want to add another area that is designed for enjoying a good book. Place a rocking chair or recliner, along with a small table and lamp, in another location in the room – perhaps near a window.

If you have more space, consider placing an additional sofa and television, stereo and game station in an area that will be used solely for entertainment purposes. Creating areas designed to be used for specific activities is a great way to break the room up into smaller, more intimate spaces.

Use Paint or Wallpaper to Draw the Room In

In smaller spaces, most people avoid using dark colored paint. However, when you have high ceilings and a very large room, dark paint is the perfect solution. Consider painting the ceiling a dark shade as well to bring it down visually. Boldly patterned wallpaper containing dark shades is an option as well.

Avoid Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors tend to make rooms look larger, especially when they reflect light from windows or other light sources. If you feel that you have to use a mirror, hang it where it reflects a favorite decor or accent piece.

Add Lots of Accessories!

Adding lots of accessories such as baskets, pottery, plants and bookshelves can really scale a room down. Using small to medium size accents helps reduce the appearance of a large room and balances bigger items like furniture. Consider placing a potted tree in one corner of the room to match the scale of a high ceiling.

Bulk is Great

For spacious rooms, bulky large furniture is perfect. Consider using “heavy” looking fabrics such as tapestries, and keep the colors dark. Dark colored wood is ideal as well; light colors tend to make spaces look larger. Avoid glass topped tables completely.

There you have it! Five great ways that you can visually reduce the size of spaces which look cold and uninviting. No matter how big the living or family room are, you can give them a cozy, warm appearance that everyone will appreciate.