4 Home Security Tips

Your home is ideally a refuge and a place of safety for you and your loved ones. You can take proactive steps to help make sure this is the case. Here are four home security tips.

Meet Your Neighbors

Take time to meet and talk with the people in your neighborhood. When you and your neighbors are acquainted, people will feel comfortable asking others to keep an eye on their house and report any suspicious activity.

Get Lighting Right

Would-be thieves look for dark houses. This means they watch for residences without interior lights turning on and off, and they also look for homes that are dark on the outside. The right exterior lighting Overland Park can discourage burglars as well as add to your home’s beauty and value. Motion-sensor lights are a good example of effective outdoor lighting that can send thieves to the next house.

Keep Your House Neat While Away

In addition to asking neighbors to watch for any suspicious activity when you are gone, keep your house looking neat. Arrange to have newspapers and mail stopped while you are away. You should also organize lawn mowing or snow removal while you are gone.

Landscape for Security

Home gardening is a joy on many levels. However, while you landscape for beauty, keep safety in mind as well when gardening at your residence. There are multiple ways to do this. Clear away overgrown areas where intruders could hide. Large shrubs near your front entrance could provide potential hiding places as well. If you are not sure about safe landscaping, ask your local police department for tips.

You can take easy steps to make your home safer. Inside and out, some planning can discourage would-be intruders. You can help your home truly be a sanctuary for you and your family.