3 Reasons to Start a Miniature Golf Course

There are just about 5,000 miniature golf courses in the United States today. These courses range from historic to touristy to historic. No matter the design, they each provide endless fun for families around the country.

If you are interested in opening getting into the mini golf business, here are three reasons you should go for it.

1. Mini golf stands the test of time. The first standardized mini golf course was built in 1916 in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Since then, these courses have become features in tourist towns and family suburbs around the country — and there is no sign that enthusiasm is going away anytime soon. For course owners, that means your investment will be a sound one.

2. Mini golf courses are customizable. While there may be thousands of mini golf courses around the country, no two are the same — or even close. There are pirate themes, dinosaur themes, ancient ruin themes, under the sea themes and so much more. The courses can be built outdoors and indoors, or a combination of both. There can be elaborate mechanics, or you can keep it basic. No matter which way you go, you are sure to create something unique with a mini golf course.

3. You don’t have to go it alone. Designing and building a mini golf course may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s because there are professionals out there, such as Miniature Golf Solutions, who can help you create your course from beginning to end.