What Kind of Bottleless Water Dispenser Should You Be Using to Get Really Pure Water?

What Kind of Bottleless Water Dispenser Should You Be Using to Get Really Pure Water?

Have you read about this recently? More than 2,100 carcinogenic chemicals can be found in tap water at any point of time. Add to this the threat of microbes, organic contaminants and heavy metals, and your bottleless water dispenser has its job cut out for it.

The problem is, not every dispenser or filter can get rid of all these tough contaminants easily. Most just specialize in a couple of contaminant types and are unable to handle the rest.

Let’s take a Reverse Osmosis filter for example. It works by forcing water to pass through a membrane that contains pores small enough to allow water molecules to pass through and block anything bigger than that. So organic matter, dirt and heavy metals are effectively filtered out from the water through this membrane.

The problem is – chemicals like chlorine and prescription drug have very small molecules. They also sneak through the pores of the membrane and can be found in the filtered water also.

Another problem with these filters is of demineralization. Minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium naturally found in water, have big molecules and so are stripped out of the water by the membrane. Your body needs these minerals for its proper functioning and drinking this de-mineralized water is sure to cause problems later.

Let’s take another example of a bottleless water dispenser, say a Distiller.

Distillers work by boiling the water and collecting its vapors in a separate container. The impurities are left behind, and you get pure water. This is good enough for heavy metals and sediment, but what about volatile chemicals like chlorine?

They also boil easily along with water and get collected with the water vapor. Demineralization is a problem here too as the minerals get left behind when the water boils off.

Fact is, using any such bottleless water dispenser is not going to help you much and you will still be at risk of dangerous diseases like cancer by drinking water purified from it.

You need a cutting edge filter that works on multiple technologies like Ion Exchange, Carbon Filtration and Sub Micron Filtration. They remove all chemicals, heavy metals, germs and sediment from the water and make it absolutely safe for consumption. The leave the minerals in the water untouched and so preserve its nutritional value too.

Your next step? To find out a quality bottleless water dispenser containing these highly effective purification mechanisms. This is the best way to ensure good health and well being of your whole family.