Try These Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Just like decorating our bathroom, this also needs a challenge for the kids bathroom. This is because the age of the child is also an aspect that must be considered. We cannot carelessly choose decorations that make them fall to the floor. According to this case, you should learn more about kids bathroom decor ideas.  Wherever you find the inspiration, choose one is suitable. Remember that not all decorating examples given will be liked by your children. Therefore, adjust to some things that make your child excited. These ideas will help you to make a dream kids bathroom.

Patterned Wall

Instead of installing pastel colours to the wall, you can try patterned one. There are many wallpapers with attractive patterns to buy. You can choose fun patterns like animals or animated characters. But before buying one, make sure that this is what they like. They will be very comfortable to take a bath while playing in the bathroom. But if you can’t the pattern, you can choose one which is acceptable for kids.

Kids Friendly Bathroom Storage

The number two of kids bathroom decor ideas is providing bathroom storage. As we know, it is the most important thing in a home. If it’s not arranged properly and neatly, this will make it difficult for us to shower. Especially for children who are still not able to reach high places. Therefore, it is important to make kids friendly bathroom storage. Think about what should be put in the child’s bathroom whether soap or shampoo. Then consider the location of the storage area is it easy to reach or not. Make your child be independent without your help when they are bathing.

Cute Pattern of Shower Curtain

Same as when you choose wallpaper, you need to buy cute curtain pattern too. This is the number three of kids bathroom decor ideas. If arranging the bathroom is difficult for you, just changing the curtain can make it look different. Go to a place that sells cute curtains for children. Decide which one is the most preferred whether it’s the colour, softness, or strength.

Re-Designed Mirror

One thing that is useful for bathroom is the existence of a mirror. But glass can be very expensive especially when you don’t have a lot of money. But you don’t need to be sad because you can redesign an existing mirror. There are many places to look for inspiration. You can make DIY according to your imagination. The frame is what we can redesign. Prepare the equipment needed including paint and brushes. But you have to be careful because this is for children. Make sure if the colour and shape are kids friendly.

Anti-Slip Rug

One more thing you should not forget is anti-slip rug. You might be forgot to buy this one for your kids bathroom. You can choose rug in one colour or in a picture. But buying a carpet with cute characters on it seems better. You will be not worry anymore because the anti-slip rug will protect your kids from slip.