The Scotsman MDTC12A Ice Machine Provides Great Ice Creation for Your Office or Break Room

The Scotsman MDTC12A Ice Machine Provides Great Ice Creation for Your Office or Break Room

At any given point of the day, business employees may feel parched or thirsty. Providing them with ice-cold refreshment has never been easier with the MDT2C12A ice maker dispenser from Scotsman. This compact cube ice maker produces up to 273 pounds of ice cubes in a 24 hour period and would be a wonderful addition to any office or break room. Not only does it make and dispense ice, but it also dispenses water.

Perhaps your building does not have great air flow or air conditioning. While a complete redesign of the building is one option, a more practical solution to keep people cool and comfortable could include an ice machine for cold refreshing drinks. Having an ice machine and water dispenser like the MDT2C12A from Scotsman in the break room could ease the stress and burden of being stuck in a building with poor air flow, especially in the summer time.

The stress associated with a stuffy room on a hot, muggy day can be unbearable. When it becomes overly hot in your office or building, productivity will inevitably slow. However, with an ice machine available for use by employees, the burden can be eased and alleviated.

If your business requires manual or intense physical labor, there is no better way to cool down than with the addition of the MDT2C12A from Scotsman. Hard work deserves an ice-cold beverage, and the only way to achieve this is by introducing a new ice machine into your place of work. High endurance labor requires proper hydration as well, another problem alleviated by the MDT2C12A and its water dispensing capabilities.

The MDT2C12A from Scotsman produces standard ice cubes, and it can be used with one hand on a glass or cup, since it operates with a touch free sensor to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. The larger sink area provides more clearance for a variety of containers to be filled with ice. This ice machine is capable of distributing ice, water, or a combination of the two. As a water distributor, the MDT2C12A eliminates the need to spend money on water cooler fees each month.

Scotsman TouchFree ice machines and water dispensers are constructed with fewer internal and external parts, greatly extending the lives of their machines. The solid hard ice produced by the MDT2C12A is slow melting and will cool drinks effectively for a long period of time. It also dispenses ice from the machine with greater ease and reliability.

The MDT2C12A from Scotsman is the perfect ice machine and water dispenser combination for any office or business. It fits perfectly in the break room and it would be welcome anywhere water and ice are required. For more information on the MDT2C12A from Scotsman, visit Ice Machines and find out if this ice machine is suitable for your business.