The Benefits of a Bottleless Water Dispenser

The Benefits of a Bottleless Water Dispenser

Anyone who has been using those five gallon plastic jugs for drinking, or is thinking of it, should consider going with a bottleless water dispenser. It’s a better choice for many reasons and you can find them with special features, such as cooling. Being able to choose cold drinks from your dispenser is a great way to refresh yourself in the summer.

When you don’t have to deal with plastic bottles, you are opting for a greener way of living. You’re avoiding plastic that will eventually end up in landfills and despite the way it seems, that does make a difference.

It’s also far more convenient to skip the bottles. You’ll avoid the heavy lifting and the inevitable frustration trying to remove the plastic cap (another waste product) from the bottles. There’s also the possibility of spilling as you flip the five gallon bottle over into the dispenser. These can also get off balance and fall.

When you choose a H2O filter that dispenses everything for you, it’s a safer choice. Not only can you guarantee that your drinks are safer, you will also not be dependent on the deliveries. Sometimes the delivery can’t make it and then you are stuck with potentially contaminated liquid from your tap. By investing in something that allows you to be self sufficient, you’re investing in your future.

Point of use H2O filters will also help your water stay cleaner. Even pure water in bottles will tend to grow algae and bacteria if the bottles haven’t been well cleaned. Then there is the worry that the plastic may be leaching into the water. Some companies use specialized bottles, but you still can’t guarantee nothing is leaching in. You can feel safer when you drink fresh liquid that comes through the filter as you want.

It can really cost a lot to order bottled H2O on a regular basis. If you sit down to work out how much you spend in a year, you’ll find that a bottleless dispenser is far cheaper and well worth the investment. Not only that, but most people use bottled H2O only for drinking. With a dispenser, you can use it for cooking, as well.

You want your family to stay healthy, but bottles really aren’t the best way to do that. By choosing a bottleless water dispenser, you will make sure that your family is getting the best hydration possible, without relying on outside sources.