Sunbeam Water Dispenser Parts – Knowing How to Find Them For Repair and Replacement

Sunbeam Water Dispenser Parts – Knowing How to Find Them For Repair and Replacement

Sunbeam water dispensers are great, but unfortunately you cannot buy them anymore. What to do when you have a full size dispenser, and want to keep using the product, when you cannot buy a new one. No worries as it is easy to find repair and replacement of sunbeam water dispenser parts. This way you can continue to use your great water system for years to come.

If you call a lot of places they will try to sell you a new unit. You can do this but if you invested in your water dispenser and love it then you want to try to fix it. So try a few things before you give up and invest in another dispenser.

Check to see if your bottle has a hole in it. Many times this is the solution and it is an easy fix. If you do this and take it apart make sure you write down where everything goes back together if you do not have the instructions.

There are many sites that sell replacement parts. You can find them online by doing a search for the specific part or by searching for the large water dispenser model. There you will find the parts listed that they offer. This way you can easily replace the part that is not functioning.

When you search for the parts you may also find repairmen that are able to do the actual physical labor if you are not able to. Most times if you call the company they will tell you what you need to send them in order for them to replace it. Many times you can find the replacement parts on sites like eBay that sell random things.

After reading several posts about this product many people are frustrated with the need for faster service by Sunbeam. They are working on rectifying this but it looks like the posts that we found suggest you go directly to an online service and search for the parts yourself for better success. You can also contact the company if you still have a warranty for your cooler and because the item is no longer available you can receive a refund.

Many times taking very good care of your cooler is the key to avoiding repair. The handles are plastic and will break if you are harsh on them. But if you have a real problem, look for a repair person to help you. In the long run you may be better off getting a new cooler and working on getting a refund.