Stainless Steel Vs Other Water Dispensers

Stainless Steel Vs Other Water Dispensers

For this article, I would like to focus on stainless steel water dispensers and water coolers. Aside from the benefits of having fresh purified water on demand, these sleek and stylish stainless steel water dispensers offer a beautiful touch to just about any decor.

These free standing dispensers come in several models.

Bottom loading dispensers: Allows you to load bottled water from the bottom of the unit and it pumps up to the spigots. This is a very nice style because it does not take as much strength or effort to replace when the water gets low. In fact, with these bottom loading dispensers, you just might be able to avoid a painful back injury by not having to lift heavy bottles above the waist to your chest.

Top loading dispensers: These conventional dispensers have been around for a long time in both the home and office settings. Unlike the bottom loaders, these dispensers require a bit more strength because you actually have to lift them up and place them on top of the dispenser to refill them. A downside to these dispensers is that many times when replacing the water, you end up spilling and splashing water around. Nobody likes cleaning up a mess.

Direct Connect Dispensers: These types of connecters are very nice to have however, they require a bit more installation due to the fact that they use a water line tied into the plumbing, usually somewhere under the sink. Like the refrigerator dispensers, these direct connect dispensers also have built in filters that need replaced on a regular basis.

These different types of stainless steel water dispensers can be used in both the home and the office depending on what look you are after and how much room you have to spare.

Many people think of the office when they hear water dispenser or water cooler. That is because in the office, these dispensers can create quite a wave. Many people have been known to flock to the water cooler in hopes of finding good conversations during break time and to catch up on the latest office gossip.

Another good reason to own and use a stainless steel water dispenser is because of the known fact that stainless steel containers are by far more hygienic than most other materials that are used in appliances for dispensing water.

Many companies offer water bottle deliveries for a fair price directly to your home and office for your water dispenser. You might also find a local company that fills water bottles. Some places even offer sodium free water for those with certain health concerns and issues.

Next time you reach for a glass of tap water, ask yourself this: Is this the purest, tastiest and most refreshing water I can drink right now?

Then when you realize that your drinking water could be so much better, give your local water dispenser guys a call. Ask them about their Stainless Steel Water Dispenser selection. You may find one that is a perfect fit for your home or office.