Problems With the Refrigerator Water Dispenser

Problems With the Refrigerator Water Dispenser

Top or not a Top

One occurrence of this problem is observed if the appliance has been newly or recently installed. In such a case there is no big problem with your refrigerator. If your model is not a top mount appliance then you should check that the cradle or paddle is held down for around 2 minutes to allow the dispenser reservoir to fill up completely. For a top mount model, as there is no dedicated reservoir for the dispenser, this does not apply.

Just Time It

Normally with the proper pressure and water flow a dispenser gives around 8 ounces of water in 7 seconds. You can check this by timing the flow in a measuring jar. If the output is less than 8 ounces, there is not enough water pressure in the dispenser. This might mean a problem with the water line or the filter, wherein you might want to call in professional help.

Your Refrigerator’s Water Dispenser

If the dispenser doesn’t vend water at all, the water line to the appliance may be turned off. A saddle valve connects to the water pipe and the house plumbing. If it is not completely opened, the refrigerator might not receive any water. Most times I find that when enough water supply is not present that the saddle valve is the problem. Take the water line off the back of the fridge and point it into a bucket to see if you have force and pressure. If you don’t make a better open connection to the water supply.

In some models the filter can become partially or fully jammed. This clogging can cause a slow or nonexistent flow of water to the dispenser. A normal filter lasts six months and should be changed regularly. To check if it is indeed the clogging of your filter that is causing the holdup, remove the filter and substitute it with the filter bypass plug shipped with your refrigerator. Do the measuring jar test again with the bypass plug in place. If the results are better, you should change the filter in your dispenser.

If there is a leakage or a frozen tank behind the meat and vegetable bins in the food compartment which feeds the dispenser, you will see spilt water on the floor. An empty refrigerator may very well be responsible for the tank freezing over. The lever on the meat pan could also be set to the lowest temperature for units that have less water usage. This can also cause the tank to freeze and split. If your tank has split, you’ll need a technician to replace it.

A problem with the water valve or a broken water line can cause the dispenser to leak or drip constantly. You’ll need to call in maintenance personnel to change the valve. Dribbling could also take place wherein you’d need to purge the tank of any trapped air. The recess grill should be emptied from time to time since this prevents over filling. The dispenser operates only when the door is properly closed, so make sure that this is not the problem.