Kitchen Interior Design – All Under Counter Cabinets to Optimize the View

Kitchen Interior Design – All Under Counter Cabinets to Optimize the View

Kitchen design comes in many shapes and forms, but for this south pacific resort estate, the views are 360 degrees and the clients did not want to miss one degree of their beautiful views. What were some of the design considerations and remedies used in this kitchen?

First and foremost the kitchen is totally under counter because of the views. There are 2 Sub-Zero refrigerators and 1 Sub-Zero freezer under counter, also there is a dishwasher and trash compactor. The oven and microwave are in the island and stove top is also on the island.

The windows in this design completely open to bring the outdoors in. The windows completely open, not only in the kitchen area, but completely around the whole house. The elements are right there and the breeze is outrageously wonderful on those clear South Pacific days.

The counter tops are granite. We selected the granite in So San Francisco and had it fabricated there also from the kitchen plans. The granite that was chosen is very natural looking, it actually looks like bamboo. It has natural coloring in beautiful greens, browns, blacks and greys. The client and I fell in love with it. The care is super easy, it hardly shows anything, and it is absolutely beautiful. Love that!!!

The client is from a restaurant family and the stove top and oven are commercial grade. She is such a great cook that her husband says he has a hard time finding a restaurant, even the great ones, that he likes their food better than he likes her food. I can attest to that!

The final wonderful feature of this kitchen is the long island that seats five bar stools. The bar stools are extremely comfortable, swivel and have very soft cushions. This is truly a very relaxing, casual elegance and it truly is a great entertainment kitchen. There is an elegance, but it is very gentle and it comes from the quality. Even though everything is under counter in this remarkable kitchen, it is still completely over the top comfortable, functional and fits right in with the beauty of the surroundings.