Keep Your Mind Focussed With the Office Water Cooler

Keep Your Mind Focussed With the Office Water Cooler

Drinking water is incredibly important for your health and it is no different for when you are at work in the office. If you haven’t got a office water cooler, then it may well be time to consider investing in one because hydration benefits the workplace. Here in this article we shall look at how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day and how this can effect your work performance significantly.

The human body is estimated to be around 60 to 70 per cent water, as blood is made up of water and your muscles, lungs and brain all also contain a large amount of water. Your body relies on water to regulate its temperature and to provide ways of supplying nutrients where needed. Water also transports oxygen to the cells in your body removes waste and protects your joints and organs.

Signs of dehydration are not always easy to notice. But depending on how active you are throughout your day should dictate how much water you will need. Having an office water cooler is crucial because you can drink whenever you feel thirsty or especially if you are active in your lunch break, such as going to the gym.

Symptoms to look out for when to take a visit to the office water cooler is pain in the joints and lower muscles, back pain, headaches and constipation. Thirst is obviously one of the biggest signs of dehydration but your body usually needs water long before you actually feel thirsty. Coffee and tea that is drunk throughout the day does contain water, but should only be added as an extra to your daily water intact.

Finally, it may be difficult to have enough water throughout the day at work, especially if you are very busy. But an office water cooler is the ideal way to keep all of your staff hydrated and to remind them to drink more. Keep a bottle of water close by on your desk and then if you go exercising or travelling then you can keep hydrated easily. Some foods also contain a lot of water in them and can add to overall intake but the easiest way to ensure you get what you need each day is to actually drink water, its cheap, good for you and will make you feel more focussed at work. People that are dehydrated find it a lot harder to concentrate at work so it is very beneficial to employers to make sure that their staff have fresh cool water available at all times.