Ice Water Dispenser in Unbearable Hot Days

Ice Water Dispenser in Unbearable Hot Days

The ability to cool down your drink on a hot day is what makes the use of ice cubes such a popular choice. You just drop a few and in less than a minute you are presented with a refreshing glass of drink to combat the heat. Making ice cubes is a slow process though and sometimes you just forget to set a new pack to freeze in the fridge. Another time, especially if you have guests, the available ice cubes are simply not enough. That’s where an ice water dispenser kicks in.

Normally water dispensers are either hot, cold or a combination of the two, with no additional functionality. Freestanding, desktop or built-in under your sink, they provide you with instant access to nearly boiling or cooled down water. With the advance of technology ice cube making dispensers are becoming more and more popular. Easy to install and use, these units not only provide all the water advantages that regular dispensers have, but are also able to make ice cubes at a rapid speed.

Either using air or water to make the cubes, the models vary in terms of how they deal with the process, but in both cases you end up with plenty of ice in very short amount of time. With rate of up to 400 lbs (around 180 kg) of produced ice per day, you are guaranteed to never run out of it. Additional storage compartments in the machine make sure you always have ice cubes ready for immediate use.

Installing an ice maker dispenser is easy even for the non-expert. The copper tubing that is most commonly used is connected to your water supply via a T section, ball valve or saddle valve. The latter is the easiest to use and a piercing saddle valve doesn’t require you to turn off the water flow during installation. Although not approved by plumber codexes in some living areas, saddle valves provide very good insulation and connection, and if properly installed can last for years without problems.

Whether in your home, office, garage or workshop, being able to protect yourself from heat is important. With an ice water dispenser the treatment of your drinks with instant quality ice cubes becomes as easy as it can get.