Hydro Jetting Plumbing – Pros and Cons

Hydro jetting is a relatively new technique used to clear clogged drains. The technology is more sophisticated than snaking and can even damage old pipes. Before your plumber performs hydro jetting, you should know a few facts about it. Here are some pros and cons of hydro jetting plumbing. This method is not recommended for every clog. Make sure to speak to your plumber about your situation before hiring one.

Hydro jetting is an effective method of clearing clogged drains

While traditional plumbing methods such as dumping chemicals down the drain can help clear up a clog, they can also leave a residue that can slow down draining and cause another blockage. However, hydro jetting can remove any obstruction, including the toughest ones. In addition, the high pressure used during hydro jetting can even wash out the tiniest dust particles. The process also is environmentally friendly and saves money in the long run.


While hydro jetting is more expensive up front, it is an effective method of clearing clogged pipes. It is quick and efficient and leaves little to no residue behind. Hydro jetting is also better for your lines than traditional methods since it does not expose surfaces to sewage. Hydro jetting also doesn’t create a lot of mess, which means less contact with pollutants. It is also a better solution for older buildings that have accumulated buildup over several decades.

It is a more innovative method than snaking

While snaking can clear most clogs, it can be ineffective for tackling stubborn or old pipe clogs. In addition, this method is not a permanent solution to clogs and often exposes potential plumbing hazards, including tree roots. Another proven way is cabling a pipeline with a drill. Ultimately, snaking is a temporary solution and can lead to more clogs in the future.


In addition to being faster and more effective than snaking, hydro jetting is more environmentally friendly than creeping. Unlike snaking, hydro jetting leaves no debris behind. Hydro jetting can effectively remove even tree roots. Though it’s more expensive up front, it ensures that pipes remain free of waste and sludge, which can lead to future clogs.


While snaking can get rid of clogs, hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to clean and remove stubborn buildup. Plumbing experts can remove accumulated debris and restore pipes to their original condition by using a high-pressure stream of water. In some cases, removing tree roots, grease, and soap deposits from lines is possible. The water jets can even clear up heavy clogs.

It is a more remote technology

Whether you own a commercial property or not, you have probably encountered clogged drains. The reason can be anything from tree roots to foreign objects lodged into your drain pipes. The clogging of your drain can cause not only slow drainage but could also result in a backed-up sewer line. Hydro jetting plumbing can eliminate all of these problems with a single treatment. To use this technology, contact a professional plumber in your area.


With a hydro jetting plumbing service, plumbers can access inaccessible areas to clear clogs and prevent future blockages. This method is safer than rodding, which exposes plumbers to sewer materials. Hydro jetting plumbing uses high-pressure water jets to blast away debris and blockages. The water pressure used by the jetting equipment is tens of thousands of pounds, which is safer for the environment and more effective than a snake.

It can damage older pipes

Hydro jetting is an effective way to clean drains and other sewer systems. However, it can damage older pipes. Therefore, before hydro jetting can be performed, contractors will conduct a CCTV video inspection. This is important because high-pressure water can damage older pipes. Additionally, contractors will check to ensure drainage pipes haven’t collapsed, as this treatment will not fix the problem. Instead, it will require replacement. For these reasons, it is best to hire a professional plumber.


If the water pipes in your home are ancient and damaged, you will need to replace them. This is especially true of older homes, which haven’t undergone a recent re-plumbing. In addition, if you want your drainage system to work correctly, you must keep the pipes clean. Hydro jetting is an effective way to clean these pipes, as it uses pressurized streams of water to break up any buildup inside the lines. Unlike other methods, hydro jetting is safe for all types of pipes, and most plumbers consider it a secure process.