HVAC Ductwork

HVAC Ductwork

When replacing or upgrading your heating or air conditioning in Denver, always consider the duct work. A good amount of cool air will be wasted on a broken duct. Duct work is often ignored, but because of advances in the efficiency of HVAC systems now, a leaky duct can be very detrimental to your system. Almost every system will need some ducting, even a improperly designed duct will not deliver the correct ventilation when you want it. Having a cutting edge air conditioner will be a waste if the ducts are not properly engineered.

A good analogy on how Denver HVAC systems work is to think of a sprinkler and water hose. If you buy an expensive sprinkler but have a old leaky hose, you will not get high pressure no matter what. You are not going to deliver air as efficiently as the air unit’s specifications without a matching duct system. Once you have a advanced duct system delivering cooling air, you will realize your HVAC’s full potential.

Once one of these HVAC systems are installed, make sure it receives proper start-up care to see if it is working as designed. This includes checking for all leaks and the entire system. Always seal your ducts. Duct tape does not stick long and is actually the worst way to insulate your Denver air conditioner. The area where the duct connects to floors, walls, other units, or bends are common areas for duct leakage. Outgoing ventilation should also be checked because anywhere hot wet air leaks is a prime location for mildew, which can cause further blockages in your AC, as well as damaging your house.

An oversized duct system costs more to maintain and will not deliver cool air as quickly. A strained system is noisy and more likely to fail. It is important therefore to have a certified Colorado HVAC expert design your system with a unified plan. The size of your system is determined by the BTU requirements and the amount of room available in the building for ductwork. Air conditioning requires more energy than heat, so the whole system should be sized for your AC size.