How to Select The Basic Components Of Any Window Treatment

How to Select The Basic Components Of Any Window Treatment

Window treatments are an indispensable part of any interior decoration project. They provide a variety of options to beautify a room. There are various styles of window treatments. The most popular among them are the traditional, contemporary and transitional styles. All these styles of decoration have some common elements. The basic necessities of any beautification process are the fabric used to create the drapes or curtains, the hardware required to hang the fabric and the position of hanging the treatment.

The fabric or material to be used as coverings is selected on the basis of various parameters. The first and the most important issue is the style of the drapes. There are various ways of styling the drapes. A few popular methods are the standard tri-fold, goblet tri-fold, eyelet top, rod pocket, tab top, clip top and tie top. The color of the material used is a prime factor and so is the texture of the material used for coverings. Patterns and designs also play a major part in the end-result of the endeavor. To elaborate this fact let’s consider the example of a traditional style of decor where the pleated approach is followed to touch-up a particular room. Here, using silk or brocade for the coverings would be a very good option but using net or other such light materials instead of the heavier ones would mar the total appearance of the room.

The other fundamental component of this decor process, the drapery hardware is also vital to any styling endeavor and must be selected with care. It comprises of various components like the poles, rings, brackets, finials, hold-backs, rosettes, etc. Different styling methods use different components depending on the suitability of the decor and personal taste and preference of the individuals involved. These components are not only functional but they also lend a touch of elegance and glamour to the decor. These components, available in various materials and finishes, offer innumerable options for any the beautification process. Natural options, like bamboo drapery rods and wooden curtain rings are also very popular in the designing world. Mix and match styles is also common these days and can be very effective when used with a sharp sense of creativity.

The final phase of any decoration project is the selection of the installation position of the components. Care must be exercised to hang the complementing fabric and hardware in proper locations. This is the most vital phase and requires time and effort to be invested to obtain the desired result. Minute details must be given extra care. For example, for a very big window, the pole must be adequately supported in the middle to prevent it from sagging. In such cases, using iron drapery rod brackets is a good option because of the support it will provide. In case the other components are made of different material and finish, this piece can still be covered tactfully with the curtains. In this manner it will offer support to the pole without compromising on the beauty aspect.

Combining all these aspects of decoration in a complementing manner will result in a stylish and elegant ambience in any room.