How to Measure and Fit a Curtain Pole

How to Measure and Fit a Curtain Pole

The exact measurement and fixing of a curtain pole is extremely important for your house or workplace, as it makes your room perfect and neat. Curtain poles vary in size, and usually their size depends on the length and size of the window. The exact measurement of curtain poles can be extremely critical for individuals as the size of curtains and windows also depends on the curtain poles.

There are few basic tips and techniques, which one should always keep in mind while measuring and fitting a curtain pole. Remember, always measure the curtain track or pole girth, not the window. If you are fitting a new track or pole, this should pull out about 15cm to 30cm either side of the window, to allow the curtains to be heaped back off the window, and 12cm to 15cm higher than the window recess.

Always use a steel measuring tape, as it is easy to handle, especially if you do not have any other helping hand in measuring the curtain pole. Other types of measuring tapes need two people to hold and another person to mark the exact points.

There are different styles of curtains, according to which curtain poles are fixed in different ways. For tab top curtains and eyelet curtains, measure in centimetres from the top of the pole to about 1.5cm above the floor or ridge. Also, remember that if you over-measure for tab tops or eyelets, there is no room for modification. Do not add a grant for the rise above the eyelets, which we usually do. Similarly, for pencil pleat or pinch pleat curtains on a pole, measure from the bottom of the pole ring; that is where the metal eye is fixed into the base of the ring to approximately 1.5cm above the flooring.

Besides, to place pencil pleat or pinch pleat curtains on a track, always measure from the top of the track to 1.5cm above the floor, windowsill or wherever, as it helps in giving the right and required shape to your curtains.

If you have inadequate fixing space above your window, you can take a dimension and note it down. Check the cohort depth of your chosen product to make certain that it fits within the space above your window opening. If space is inadequate on either side of the window, a smaller finial would be best apposite. Besides, pole lengths can also be shortened by using a hacksaw or a pipe cutter, but at the same time, remember to measure twice before cutting.

Curtain poles add a lot of beauty to your room, whether they are simple or customized with different designs and styles. It is must to have a curtain pole of exact size, according to the length and size of the window and curtains, whereas taking its measurement is a very critical task. One should always have a helping hand while measuring and fixing a curtain pole as it can make or break the outlook of your room.