How to Clean Your Drinking Water Dispenser

How to Clean Your Drinking Water Dispenser

It is a great thing to have a drinking water dispenser that provides you with the so needed element of life at the reach of your hand. Whether in your home or office, it is always important to drink enough on a daily basis and with a dispenser that becomes much easier and fun. The taste of the water begins to deteriorate after a while though, and that is a sure sign that your water dispenser requires cleaning.

With the use of vinegar you can efficiently and easily clean up the insides of the water jug and the insides of the dispenser where water normally goes through. Simply follow these steps:

1. Remove all of the water from the container. Make sure none is left and if you’re having doubts, leave the vessel empty for a day or two so it becomes completely dry.

2. Pour in vinegar until you fill up the whole jug. With its acid qualities, the vinegar will effectively dissolve anything that has gathered inside, like dust, particles and so on.

3. After you put the water tank back into the dispenser, use the normal water tap to pour out all of the vinegar. By doing that you allow it to go through all the mechanisms and tubes, cleaning them as well. Make sure you remove all of the vinegar.

4. Boil enough water to be able to fill the water jug. Fill the jug while its still boiling. Put it back onto the dispenser (if it’s removable) and leave it like that for a couple of days.

5. As with the vinegar, remove the water through the faucet, then fill the vessel with fresh water and check its taste through the dispenser. If there is still a bit of odd taste left, pour out all of the water and refill. That should be enough to get rid of all the taste that the vinegar left.

If you want to guarantee the taste of water in the long run, it is a good idea to repeat the above process once per month, if possible. By keeping your drinking water dispenser you are taking a further step into a better health care.