How a Bottle Water Cooler Helps You Drink More Water

How a Bottle Water Cooler Helps You Drink More Water

If you are considering adding a bottled water dispenser to a home or office, there are a few features that you should consider before you make your decision. You may be familiar with the plastic dispenser withe colored knobs to dispense water. These dispensers have a five gallon jug turned upside down on top of them to provide the filtered water that has been delivered by truck.

In shopping for water dispensers today, you will find dispensers that will hide the bottle or water as well as those which do not require a water bottle. The dispensers without a bottle are actually a self contained water filtration device. Ether type of dispenser may offer features such as hot or cold water on tap at all times.

If you choose a dispenser with cold water, you may find that the feature is very useful. Cups or water bottles can be filled and do not need ice. Near boiling water works great for instant soup, hot tea or cocoa. It keeps users from having to heat water for these choices.

As said earlier, bottleless water dispensers are onsite water filtration systems. With bottled water, the water is filtered at a processing plant and kept in the bottles until you use it. Either process works well to remove the contaminates from your water and give you better tasting water.

In the office, many employees appreciate the effort to help them get enough water to drink that does not have a chlorine taste. Workers that have enough to drink are more productive than those who do not drink enough water during the day. By providing a dispenser, the employees do not have to bring their own bottled water to work. Addition of hot or cold water makes the dispenser even more useful to the employees.

In your home you may choose a dispenser made of stainless steel, wood, pottery or even custom made to fit perfectly with your decor. You will find dispensers that are available for rent from water delivery services. Units may be purchased at many warehouse member stores or online.

There are several things to consider as you choose between the bottle or bottleless dispenser.

To prevent running out of water you must purchase the correct amount of water each week. Since deliveries only come about once per week, if you do not order enough water, you can run out before the week is up. If you order too much water, storage can be a problem, as you must store both empty and full bottles of water. The only required maintenance is to clean the dispenser on occasion.

The dispensers without bottles do not require the storage area. They are connected to your homes plumbing and filter tap water to give it a great taste. Installation may require that you have the assistance of a plumber. You will be required to change filters on occasion and must clean the reservoir regularly. However, as long as you keep the filter changed, you will always have all the water that you need for your home.