Finding the Perfect Espresso Maker

Finding the Perfect Espresso Maker

There are lots of people about now that love a shot of espresso in the mornings instead of their usual coffee. Espresso may be a little harder to make but when you have an espresso maker doing all the work for you then it is not a problem. The only problem that you do have is choosing the right espresso maker from the wide variety of espresso makers on the market. Here are a few tips that may help you to decide which one is right for you.

To start off with you should always try to find an espresso maker that includes a hot water dispenser and of course a cup warmer. It may sounds obvious but you like to be able to have your espresso nice and hot whenever you want it.

The cup warmer on these machines is usually on the top so one you have poured your espresso you can just place the cup on top of it and keep it warm until you finish it.

In the same way you want to have a hot water dispenser so that you have a constant flow of hot water for your espressos and you do not need to be messing with the kettle all the time.

An espresso maker would not be the same without the strength controls included. It is much better if you are able to select the strength of the espresso that you want and not have it set at the same all the time.

Fitted water filters are another option that you really should look at including on your espresso maker. The water filters keep your water nice and fresh and give you a better tasting espresso without the chlorine or iron in your water.

The water filter just means that you will have to occasionally replace it or at least clean it regularly but it will be worth it when you have fresher tasting espresso.

Finally your espresso maker has to have the facility for frothing. With this frothing wand or canister you can make excellent espresso, cappuccinos or even lattes if you wish.