Deciding What Color to Paint a Sunroom

You’ll want to match the bright energy of the sun inside a sunroom if you have one. Sunrooms have limited wall space so it is important to carefully choose your paint colors while keeping in mind the windows, natural light, and the purpose of the sunroom.

These tips will help transform your sunroom into what you have always envisioned.

Sunroom Paint Colors

Consider the effect you want to create in your sunroom before choosing paint colors. Imagine yourself in the ideal sunroom. Do you desire a sunroom that’s light, bright, and airy? You want a space that is warm, comfortable, and calming. Perhaps you want something a little more unusual and quirky? When you are looking at paint colors, keep this in mind.

We recommend these colors based on how you want to look.

  • SW7656 is a crisp and modern white with blue undertones that can create a cloudy look. SW6450. SW7006 or Site White
  • SW 7008, a soft, off-white with creamy beige undertones. SW9023 and Townhall Tan
  • Bold and Funky Sunroom – Do you want more color? You are free to experiment with your paint palette. Bright yellow sunrooms will make your home feel brighter. SW6907 on walls with Pure White To create an eclectic atmosphere, add some funky furniture and plants.

Sunroom paint ideas: Our top tips

We’ve now covered sunroom paint colors that can be used to inspire your project. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with the paint selection process.

  • The paint’s undertones can be revealed by sunlight. It’s a good idea for you to test paint swatches at different times of day in your sunroom.
  • Interior/exterior paint should be chosen because it provides UV protection. This will help prevent your paint from fading. In sunny areas, interior household paint may not give you the best results.
  • You will need enough paint to cover the entire sunroom. Paint will appear richer and will provide extra protection from UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations that are common in sunrooms.
  • To add visual interest and contrast to your sunroom, don’t be afraid of painting an accent wall. An accent wall can be used to add color and contrast to a room without making it appear too big.

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