Conquer Your Clutter – Why You Cannot Wait Any Longer

Conquer Your Clutter – Why You Cannot Wait Any Longer

A Moment of Meditation

Stop for a moment and close your eyes. While your eyes are closed, I want you to take a mental look around your home and identify where all the clutter is. Were you able to see it all? Did you grimace as you took the tour?

Clutter is Painful

You may think that you are successfully ignoring it but it is slipping in under the radar and affecting you whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It is part of the tension and stress you feel every day, part of what keeps you from fully relaxing in your home.

So this is the first reason why it cannot go on any longer. You are creating stress and tension and pain for yourself every day that you hang on to it instead of getting rid of it!

Before I continue explaining why you should do this loathsome chore now instead of later, let me promise you that the next article in this series will give you five tips for conquering your clutter that will make the process much easier! And I do not mean easy like ripping off a bandage which still is painful but does not last as long as slowly peeling it away, I mean less painful. Maybe even fun!

Okay, here we go with the other reasons why you really cannot put it off any longer…

You Have Issues

Well, I know this reason is unpleasant to contemplate, but that clutter represents unhealed issues inside of you. It might be an unconscious attempt to keep people away because you will not invite anyone over until you clean up.

Or it might be an expression of the difficulty you have with letting things go.

Though I do not know what your particular issues are, I do know that if they are expressing themselves in your clutter, they are expressing themselves elsewhere in your life, as well. They are affecting you at work and in your relationships and possibly, in preventing a general sense of wellbeing.

It would be hard to conclude that all is right with the world without seeing a mental image of that mountain of clutter (or maybe you have stacks and hills, instead of mountains).

You Deserve Better

The energy that would bring abundance into your life is blocked by your clutter. It literally stops traffic in terms of the energy flow in your home, and you need that energy to be unobstructed.

When you are able to let go of what is cluttering up your home and your life, you will feel lighter and more free, and you will experience what seems like magic, as things begin to happen that you did not anticipate. Clearing your clutter will transform your life for the better and you deserve all that goodness coming your way.

If I have not convinced you yet, it might be because you are overwhelmed by the task. In the next part of this series about creating a home for your soul, I will give you five easy tips for getting rid of that clutter once and for all.