Clean the Ice and Water Dispenser on a Refrigerator Door

Clean the Ice and Water Dispenser on a Refrigerator Door

The ice and water dispenser on a refrigerator door is a very nice convenience. Over time, the ice and water outlets and the reservoir will get dirty and full of germs. The water reservoir on a refrigerator should be cleaned regularly to keep it clean and germ free. Cleaning the ice and water outlets should also be cleaned to insure it is clean and safe to dispense form. If the water reservoir is allowed stay wet and dirty, it can look and smell terrible. A little skill is needed to clean the outlets and the reservoir. Only safe cleaners should be used to clean the ice and water dispensing parts.

Gather the necessary supplies and get cleaning. White vinegar, a 1 cup measuring cup, a screwdriver, some gray tape and an old toothbrush should get the job done.

The very first thing to do is unplug the refrigerator and turn the water supply to the refrigerator to the off position. Unscrew the screw that is holding the copper water supply tube in place. Slide the copper tube out of position.

Holding the tube upright, pour about 3 cups of vinegar into the tube. Hold the tube over the reservoir to catch any overflow. Leave the vinegar sit for 5 minutes in the tube and the reservoir.

Using grey tape, attach the copper tube to the back of the refrigerator to keep the vinegar draining down towards into reservoir.

Empty the ice dispenser by depressing the ice dispenser lever to expel all of the ice. Let about half of the vinegar flow through to flush out any dirt.

Next, depress the water lever on the water dispenser. This will allow the vinegar to run through the water supply pipes and tubes getting a complete cleaning. Keep the button pressed until all the vinegar has ran through into the reservoir. If the reservoir is small, empty it as it gets full.

Dip a toothbrush into the vinegar in the reservoir. Scrub the spouts that the ice and water flows through with the old toothbrush. Continue scrubbing with the toothbrush. Be sure to clean the entire ice and water dispensing center with vinegar. Pay close attention to the corners of the reservoir.

Remove the reservoir tub. Rinse well in the sink with warm water. Replace.

Place the copper tubing back in its space. If the refrigerator was moved, return it to position. Turn the water supply back on. Run fresh water through the ice and water spouts for a few minutes to rinse all vinegar out.