Clean & Pure Water Filter – Your Ticket to Always Pure Water and a Longer and Healthier Life

Clean & Pure Water Filter – Your Ticket to Always Pure Water and a Longer and Healthier Life

Our public water supply in North America is poor at best and life-threatening at worst. This is why it is essential for you to purchase and install a clean & pure water filter for your drinking tap as well as your shower.

Despite all the efforts made by government agencies, they continue to fall short of keeping our water supply clean and free of contaminants. So far, the Safe Drinking Water Act only regulates 91 chemicals, out of an estimated 60,000 found in tap water all across the country.

Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, including chlorine, which is perhaps the most over-used chemical of them all. Chlorine is put into the water supply to guard against bacteria. While it does work to a certain extent, there are certain parasites that have become immune to chlorine, such as cryposporidium, which has caused numerous deaths and illnesses.

Drinking out of a clean & pure water filter will guard against bacteria while filtering chlorine out as well! So you can finally drink water that tastes fresh and healthy rather than like it came straight out of a swimming pool.

Other benefits of using a clean & pure water filter include keeping out lead, asbestos, and other nasty chemicals that commonly seep into our water supply. Without a filter, we are exposing ourselves to countless carcinogenic or otherwise harmful chemicals that no person in a first-world country should have to be exposed to.

Since our government refuses to help us combat dirty drinking water, we have to take up the task for ourselves. Buying bottled water is useless, as it’s about as dirty as regular tap water (and expensive, to boot!) So by far the best way to solve this problem is to use a clean & pure water filter.

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