Basics of Interior Design

Basics of Interior Design

We often think of different ways to decorate and stage a property to make it more desirable for potential tenants, buyers or even yourself. However just by sticking to the basics of designing, you have a better chance of succeeding and creating the perfect interior. Add a few hints and tips and you will be amazed with the outcome.

Deciding on the correct colour scheme is the most important step forward. If you are not familiar with all the colour schemes, you might get overwhelmed trying to decide which colour to choose. Tip: Stick with Neutrals. Using white, off-white, creams and greys help you to create the “blank canvas” from which you can build on and decorate to your taste. Another important fact is that this also creates a sense of space.

Once your blank canvas is ready, decide on your focal point in each room. It could be a fireplace, the bed or even your dining table. Start by arranging the bigger items such as furniture in the room. Using either a symmetrically balanced layout or asymmetrical, it should have a good “flow” and make access to all areas of the room possible. Remember to keep it to a minimalistic standard and not clutter the room with too many items.

Bringing in all the soft furnishings is always fun. Embrace the modern world with all the different curtains, pillows, throws, rugs in all their shapes and sizes. Think of the textures you want to use as well as the different patterns. It might be a textured rug with squared patterns. You can copy this and use squared patterned pillows on your sofa as an example. Be careful not to use it in excess as this can create disturbance and restlessness to the eye.

We can always appreciate the affect a few final touches can bring to finalise your design. Using a few items such as ornamental vases, framed pictures and candles can always come in handy. Arrange them in pairs or in uneven numbers around the property, but don’t clutter the rooms with too many displays. Also use freshly cut flowers in vases in the hallway or living room. The scent of the flowers is very inviting and can be relaxing.

Remember to make your property cosy. Light candles and play soft music in the background when you have potential buyers viewing the house. Keep you cupboards and wardrobes clean, because they are bound to have a look in there.