An Argument For Wood Blinds

An Argument For Wood Blinds

There are generally three different kinds of blinds: wood, faux wood and plastic. Wood and plastic blinds give a very different look to a room. Plastic blinds are not a good a substitute for wood blinds because they do not give off the same vibe. Most plastic blinds are actually made of cellulose or composite materials which may deteriorate over time. Wood blinds are harder to damage, and most damage can be repaired with a little varnish.

Wood blinds are better insulators than plastic blinds. The weight of a wood is much better at stopping drafts, which keeps a layer of energy-saving air insulation between the window and the interior of a home. The opaqueness of wood means you have complete control over privacy if you choose to keep them closed.

As a Decoration

Wood blinds create a polished and refined look to a home. Thin plastic blinds have a tendency to break, and once broken are hard to repair. Nothing ruins the ambiance of a room like a torn decorations. Wood blinds generally give a room a welcoming, cozy feel, although the color of a blind can be manipulated to to create anything from a professional to an artsy look. But because they are made of wood, these blinds have a natural texture to them that can really be brought out with a stain. Wood blinds are unique in that they can usually be stained like any other wooden furniture. This color customization as well as the fact that these blinds are manufactured from a number of different kinds of lumber means that these blinds will match the decor of any room. These blinds can match the color of the furniture in the room, or create a pleasing accent.

Along with stains, wood blinds can also be painted multiple times as you redecorate a room. Do not forget about your window dressings, because they are what regulate the lighting in a new room. Blinds should be considered furniture and match the theme of the room. Because they are so durable, many people just put custom blinds up and forget about them which wastes wooden blinds biggest advantage over plastic: versatility. All this versatility allows a complete makeover with just the tweaking of a color or texture. Go crazy on redecorating, but don’t forget your window coverings!