Alternative Office Water Dispenser Keeps People Healthier While Saving the Business Money

Alternative Office Water Dispenser Keeps People Healthier While Saving the Business Money

Most offices will have some sort of water cooler available for employees. This is especially a necessity if the water coming into the building tastes off or is even unsafe. The problem with that is bringing in bottled water on a regular basis can be expensive. Plus you also have to deal with the problem of storing all of those five gallon jugs. Then there is the issue of getting someone who will commit to changing the water bottle when it empties. Fortunately there is technology available now that will let you bypass that hassle and those problems.

Instead of having a water dispenser that relies on replacing a water jug, you can have one that make the existing office water better. These systems get fitted to accept water from the existing water supply. Then they will clean the water to make it acceptable in taste and safety for the office workers. The newer and more advanced systems go beyond just a simple filter. Filters will take care of most contaminants, but for some microbial bugs and other contaminants you will need to take it a step further.

Units available in some parts of the world will actually run the water through a process called reverse osmosis (also referred to as RO). This is a slow process, but it makes the water very pure and will remove all contaminants from the water. The other method for getting water this pure involves high temperature distilling, which is typically impractical for office use. The RO water can be further sterilized by units that have an option for UV treatment. UV light is known to kill of bacteria in water and food when used properly.

This type of high-end water dispenser will also have some of the conveniences that will make people in the office happy. These are conveniences like having both hot and cold water, in addition to room temperature water. Overall, by using a dispense like this you can help improve employee health and morale as well as save money in the long run.