A Home Water Dispenser Is A Powerful Tool Against Appalling Water Contamination

A Home Water Dispenser Is A Powerful Tool Against Appalling Water Contamination

If you are like me, you don’t want to worry about the condition of your drinking water when it enters your home. Most of us are too busy to give this a passing thought. However, it is something that should be of concern considering the overall state of our water supply. Even so, the addition of a simple device like a home water dispenser in our household can give us peace of mind.

In a recent nationwide survey more than 80% said they were worried about the nation’s supply of fresh water for household use. With good reason, the majority of pollutants come from the factory discharges and consumer-products. Next in line were agricultural contamination from pesticides and fertilizers.

Last but by no means least were pollutants that originated from the water treatment process or from pipes and storage tanks. These are known as by-products. There are certain limits for the regulated pollutants, but there are hundreds in your drinking water that remain unregulated.

Even though they are unregulated does not necessarily mean that they are not tested for by your water utility. A survey covering 13 years found that the number of contaminants detected steadily increased. The overall evidence pointed to the fact, there are more chemical contaminants in drinking water than we know.

Although we set maximum limits for the contaminants, there is an inherent weakness in this process. It is assumed that the person will be exposed to only one chemical contaminant at any one time.

There are many chemicals in drinking water; therefore a person is actually at risk of ingesting numerous chemicals at any one time. Recent studies carried out have shown that the effect of these contaminants on the human body is much greater than their individual effect.

Imagine for one moment that your drinking water was free of pollution when it reached the treatment plant. You would still be at risk from contaminated water. The infrastructure is of such an age that it poses a major health and safety risks because of leaks and failures.

In addition the waste-water system is of a similar condition. Whenever there is a heavier than usual rainstorm the waste-water system overflows and contributes to the contamination of your drinking water.

To ensure you always have a regular supply of clean drinking water you need a home water dispenser. The filtration process will ensure your water is free of all contaminants, and give you peace of mind.