A Filtered Water Dispenser and Why Every Home Should Have One Today

A Filtered Water Dispenser and Why Every Home Should Have One Today

There’s no doubt about it, a quality filtered water dispenser is becoming a necessity today as the levels of contaminants in our supply increases.

There are two main types to choose from which are reverse osmosis (RO) and activated carbon block.

The RO filtered water dispenser is not recommended especially because many retailers suggest you add on a carbon block to improve the removal rate! Why have two systems when one will do?

The problem with RO filters is that they are based on old technology and are unable to remove the small synthetic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. In addition they take out trace minerals like calcium which are required for good health.

An activated carbon block filter on the other hand is able to chemically bind the contaminants to its surface as well as manually removing them. This translates into a much higher removal rate with the most effective systems being able to remove 99% of all the main ones.

Two of the most important toxins to remove are lead and chlorine as they are the most prevalent and harmful ones.

Chlorine is still used to disinfect the water because it is cheap but should be removed before use. What happens is it combines with other toxins in the supply to form deadly THM’s which can lead to cancer.

In fact you have a 93% higher chance of getting some form of cancer if you do not remove the chlorine first with a quality filtered water dispenser

With the introduction of chloramine (chlorine and ammonia), lead levels are rising. Although this toxin of choice is used to clean the water of 1 in 5 Americans and removes more harmful organisms, it also leaches lead from the pipes.

The only systems to remove 99% of both of these are activated carbon block filters that use a dual filter system, ion exchange and sub micron filtering.

It is also important that your filtered water dispenser can deliver enough so that you don’t have to wait around all day to get a glass full! Ones that can deliver up to 30 gallons an hour are best.

As you can see, it is vital to have at least one pure water faucet in your home to protect the health and future well-being of your family.

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