6 Steps to Keep Your Hallway Tidy and Organized

6 Steps to Keep Your Hallway Tidy and Organized

Your job keeps you busy all day. You hardly get time to clean your house. As an obvious result, your house becomes untidy and messy. The worst victim of your hectic schedule is, no doubt, your hallway. It is the first and the mostly used place by you and by your visitors. Even if you are not able to clean the hall regularly, a slight change in the arrangement can keep your hallway tidier and look more organized.

Here are some smart tips to solve your problem:

o Paint it pale: If your hall is small or narrow it is advisable to color the walls with lighter shade like white, cream, pale blue or green. It will make your hall look bigger. Also, if you paint the ceiling and the walls with the same shade, the room seems bigger than it actually is.

o Focus on the floor: In a smaller hallway it is preferable to keep the flooring in paler shade. Try to use 2 doormats: 1 outside the door and 1 inside. The reason behind it is if the outside mat fails to trap a portion of dirt and moisture, the inner mat will do the job. Finally, very little dirt will enter into your hall. While buying the doormats keep the decoration part in mind. They should be useful still fashionable. Check out some shops and pick the mats that go with the theme of your hall and serve the purpose as well. Keep the floor area free as much as possible. Go for more wall-built furniture so that cleaning the floor will be a simpler job.

o Simplicity is the best policy: Do not pile up unnecessary magazines or newspapers or the big boots which you rarely use. In your hallway, keep only the things you use regularly. Get rid of the rubbish at least once a week. A clean and simple hallway will add glory to your house.

o Mirror Image: Fixing a mirror in one wall makes the hall look bigger, though the style is obsolete nowadays.

o Increase the storage place: Instead of keeping each and everything in the rooms make a large storage place to keep the stuffs you rarely require. For example, put all your unworn shoes in a basket or make a wall mounted shoe rack to accommodate them. Only a couple of nice pairs of shoes can be kept in your hallway. The books which you read once in a blue moon should be collected together and kept decently inside a book case. This will evacuate a significant area of your hallway. Keep the coats and hats in your bedroom preferably.

o Keep the outside clean: Do not fill the outside of your house with rubbish and garbage. You never know when they will find their place within your house. Keep the doorway clean and put a couple of pots in either side of the door to enhance the beauty of the entrance.