3 Benefits Of Attic Sanitation

Generally, homeowners don’t pay much attention to their attics. Only when a leak in the roof or pest infestations occur do homeowners suddenly remember they have one. These and more attic problems can cost homeowners a lot of money. Attic Man wants homeowners to know these three benefits of attic sanitation.

1. Decreasing Maintenance Costs

Professional attic decontamination and sanitizing finds insulation problems before they become moldy or damaged, the HVAC ducts will be inspected for problems and cleaned or repaired, as well as finding and treating pest infestations before they damage insulation and/or drywall.

If these are not caught in time, homeowners will have repair costs for which they might not be prepared.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

Insulation in the attic prevents temperature fluctuations in the living areas of a house. It keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter. Water- or pest-damaged insulation fails to do its job properly. Insufficient insulation does this as well. Homeowners won’t know there’s a problem with the insulation until their power bill reflects it.

Even if homeowners checked the attic, they might not recognize what is causing the problem. Attic Man professionals will, and they’ll fix the problem before it gets worse.

3. Decreasing Contaminants

We spend more time in our homes than in school or at work. Contaminants in houses include radon gas, carbon monoxide, allergens from dust mites, and pests. Rodent waste in attic insulation includes:

    • Leptospirosis

    • Salmonellosis

    • Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever

    • Lassa Fever

    • Plague

    • Rat-Bite Fever

and a host of other frightening diseases. Removing the pests is only half the job, though. Removing the insulation housing the contaminants is vital to the health of the family. Please contact Attic Man today to sanitize and decontaminate your attic.