10 Reasons To Go For Mains Fed Water Dispenser

10 Reasons To Go For Mains Fed Water Dispenser

Easy to manage. Once installed you can forget about them. They need no user maintenance apart from an occasional wipe down. So there’s no hidden costs of overhead in operating them.

No wasted space. There are no full or empty bottles taking up unnecessary space or making the place look untidy.

Reduced risk of injury. The Health and Safety risk from carrying heavy bottles or exchanging them is eliminated.

Simple to administer. If you rent a Water Dispenser you have no hidden or unexpected workload in terms of reordering supplies or carrying out repairs or maintenance.

Hygienic and safe. Since there are no manual processes, such as exchanging bottles, where hands come into contact with parts of the equipment that transport water, there is less risk of contamination.

No running out of water. Since the Water Dispenser is constantly connected to the mains supply there is no way to run out. Regardless of how many people have access to your dispenser, you will never run out.

A better taste. The filtration system in the Water Dispensers we supply ensures the water tastes just as sweet as spring water. In blind taste tests it’s impossible to tell the difference.

No risk of algae contamination. Bottled water, if stored for long periods of time in sunlight will grow an algae bloom. Though not hazardous, it looks awful, like pond water! Since mains water is always freshly supplied there is no risk of algae getting into it.

Total convenience. Mains Fed Water Dispensers can be positioned close to employees desks, even when some distance away from a mains supply. With bottled dispensers, the bottles have to be transported from the point of receipt to a storage location then on to the location of the Water Dispenser. In some offices this can mean moving the bottles through offices and up stairs, all of which cause disruption in the workplace.

You are helping the environment. By using a mains supplied water dispenser, there are no plastic bottles involved. This means no plastic is created, consuming energy and contributing to carbon emissions. There are no bottles to dispose of which create recycling and waste management problems. There are no deliveries which involves transportation, further increasing creates carbon emissions.

And, of course, it’s actually cheaper!