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How to Unclog a Drain Yourself

How to Unclog a Drain Yourself

Clogged drains can be very annoying. So can losing valuable items down the drain. Here are some tips for unclogging a drain by yourself.

The first thing you should try is to find a liquid drain product that works with your plumbing system. Some drain cleaners are only meant to be used with certain pipes. Read the drain cleaners carefully to make sure they are compatible with your system.

If you already have a cleaner be careful with them. Don’t mix different types of chemicals when cleaning. Many cleaners won’t be compatible with each other and shouldn’t be mixed. If there are chemicals in a trap don’t unscrew it. You will want to suction that out before you try to remove it. Chemicals that have been sitting can become rather strong, and have a possibility of burning you when it spills down.

The best way to remove a sink trap is to loosen the end nuts. Some can be loosened by hand, but a lot of them will require a pipe wrench. There might be a gush of water when it comes free, so keep the bucket nearby to catch any water.

When you lose something valuable down the drain, its important to stop the water going down the sink immediately. When trying to remove something like a ring or contact ring down a sink, your best bet to find it is if it is stuck in the P or S shaped part of the drain. Remove the P or S trap and spill all the contents the bucket before putting it aside.

If you can’t find your item in the bowl, it might be stuck to something inside. Hold the trap over a new bucket or bowl, and run some water through the trap. If you’re lucky, it will come free and you’ll be able to find it. Before placing the trap back on, check the washers or nuts for any damage. If you notice any that are misshaped replace them. Its better to replace any damaged washers now so you don’t have to worry about having to deal with a leaky sink later on.…

How to Select The Right Bed Sheets for Your Beds?

How to Select The Right Bed Sheets for Your Beds?

After a tiring day at work, all you need is to get enough sleep so that you can fully rejuvenate. Therefore you should make your bed a wonderful haven, where you can get all the peace of mind and comfort you need. This can be achieved by investing in nice beddings. Remember, the type of bedroom blankets and sheets you have highly determines the amount of comfort you enjoy in your bed. Besides, the perfect linen always provides ideal affection for your comfortable cushion. That is why you should always spend time researching on the best sheets.

Wrapping yourself up in a perfect set of sheets will surely give you the best experience. This is a fairly inexpensive luxury that everybody can afford. However, the only way you can be guaranteed to get the best sleeping experience is to choose the best sheets for your bed. That is why you should always take time to research on the best beddings before you decide on the ones to purchase. Thankfully, there are numerous sources of information on bedroom design that can give you reliable details about the type of linen you should buy for your bed. Knowing what you should buy makes your selection process easy and effective.

However, you should not ignore the fact that there are numerous types of bed linen on the market today, some of which have very little to offer in terms of quality and comfort. Therefore you need to learn a few tips on how to pick the best linen for your bed. Nonetheless, there are several important factors that you should always consider when you are selecting your linen.

Considerations to Make When Selecting the Right Bed Sheets

Size of your bed: Before you hit the streets looking for the best linen for your bed, make sure you understand the size of your bed. Knowing the exact dimensions of your bed will help you pick linen of the right size.

Thread count: Basically, this is the amount of threads used to make the sheets. The more threads your linen has the more comfortable it becomes. But it is also important to keep in mind the fact that most linen with high thread count do not wear properly.

Cost: It feels good to know that you can make enough savings when you buy high quality beddings. Luckily, there are numerous stores that sell high quality linen at reasonable cost. So you should always take time to shop around for the best prices.…

Interior Decorating Your Bedroom Can Be Fun!

Interior Decorating Your Bedroom Can Be Fun!

The bedroom is the most personal space in your house. Have you done it up in a way that makes it calming and relaxing where you love to spend time? Or is it just a place where you sleep at night with a bed and a few pillows thrown in? If it is, then it’s time to change. Whatever your budget might be, you can turn your bedroom into a romantic love nest to spend time with your special someone, or a place where you can retreat to with a book for some ‘me’ time.

Doing the interior decoration of your bedroom can be fun and fulfilling. Create a space where you can recharge your batteries after a stressful day at work. Personalize it the way you want instead of bothering with what people will think of it. After all, it’s your space! Keep in mind a few things while you are at it.

1. Before starting to do the interior decoration of your bedroom, come up with a realistic budget. It does not matter whether it’s too small. There are lots of ways to do it up that are not expensive. You can change the curtains and buy colorful cushions that will make your bedroom look lively and happy. If you have a better budget, you can go all out with new bedding and painting the walls in your favorite hue. But remember the most important thing about the budget is that you need to stick to it.

2. Keep in mind the size of the room before you start. Dark colors on the walls make a room look smaller so choose appropriately. Using lighting and mirrors cleverly can make your bedroom look bigger than it is.

3. Come up with a theme. For instance, if pink and girlie is your style, opt for pink curtains and colorful cushions strewn all over for a super-cute look. You can also try modern minimalist style or French Country Style.

4. The bed should be comfortable for you to sleep on. Trying it out before buying it is a good idea. A side table for keeping the book you are reading at the moment and a glass of water is always useful.

5.While decorating your bedroom pay special attention to the flooring. You can opt for laminate, wood or cork flooring for a new modern look.

6. Use your imagination doing up the lighting. A lone overhead light is just not enough in these days of advanced technology. Opt for lighting that can be dimmed or brightened as you please. It will create a different ambiance in the day, noon and night.

Invest time in interior decorating your bedroom in a way that makes it a haven for you and your loved ones. Instead of trying to impress your friends or neighbors try to create a space that defines you and makes you happy. We spend one-third of our lives in bed and its time to give the room we do it in a much needed face-lift. So gear up and get your creative juices flowing!…

Why Using a Home Water Dispenser Can Be Big Mistake

Why Using a Home Water Dispenser Can Be Big Mistake

This might come as a surprise to you, but the fact is that using a home water dispenser may prove to be detrimental to your family’s health. Let’s find out why.

You would be aware of the huge number of pollutants present in our water supply. There are many different types of chemicals, dirt, organic matter and heavy metals present in the water we get in our taps. Drinking this water is a sure way of getting all kinds of deadly diseases.

Now you may think using bottled water along with a home water dispenser should help avoid this problem. This is simply not true.

Fact is – there are no regulations in place that mandate bottled water to be purified. This means it can be, and actually is, as polluted as tap water. You are just paying more for the same quality water!

That’s why the need of the hour is to look for a quality water purifier that you can setup once in your home and be assured of getting pure drinking water, free from all contaminants.

You may also find a home water dispenser with limited purifying capabilities, but it’s not enough to handle all the contaminants present in tap water. This is a specialized job that only a quality purifier can do.

Reverse Osmosis purifiers have recently become quite popular when it comes to water filters. They work by forcing the water to pass through a semi permeable membrane with small pores. Water molecules pass through them easily, and the impurities with bigger molecules are left behind.

As you can guess, this mechanism is ineffective against impurities with small molecules, like that of chlorine. Even many pesticide traces and pharmaceutical drugs have small molecules and pass though unchecked through this membrane. So the water you get still contains many dangerous chemicals inside and is not fit for drinking. These purifiers also remove the beneficial minerals like calcium and potassium from the water which can then lead to their deficiency and associated health problems later.

A much better option is to look for a purifier with a combination of cutting edge filtration techniques like Ion Exchange, Sub Micron filtration and Carbon filtration. Together these techniques can remove all kinds of contaminants from the water, and make it really safe and healthy. The mineral content inside is also left untouched and there are no side effects of drinking this water.

So, look beyond a home water dispenser and find out a quality water purifier now.…

Guide to Small Living Room Spaces

Guide to Small Living Room Spaces

Small living room spaces may have you feeling discouraged. It might make you feel claustrophobic or you may even be considering a new home or apartment for more storage space. While this might be the dream it might not always be practical. A small space may just be the reality of where you can live with your current budget. There are ways to make your existing room function in the way that you need it to without spending a lot of money. Just follow a few of these solutions for small living room spaces to get the appearance and function of a much larger room.

Every item in a small living room space should be functional. This may mean that a vase holds pencils or ottomans serve as toy chests. As such, the items in your room also need to be stylish. Don’t have a lot of decorative accessories to avoid clutter. Your furniture needs to function as sculpture so that your room still looks put together and finished.

It will also help to have a cohesive color palette. This will create more of the soothing and calming effect which will help combat the usual chaos that results from dealing with a really small space. For this kind of situation, you might want to have a monochromatic color palette. This means using one color or different shades of the same color. This will give a calming appearance and can even make your room feel bigger. You also don’t want to chop up the room if it’s open into other rooms in your apartment. Using the same color in the adjoining rooms will make it seem more like a great room.

Combine the functions of the room. If you live in a studio apartment you might be tempted to break up the living area from your sleeping area. This isn’t always the best use of space. Instead, find a futon that can double as a couch and a bed. You can even find a day bed that looks a couch. You might need to have your crafts in with your entertainment center. An armoire can serve a multitude of purposes. This can also be overstuffed; feeling cluttered and disorganized. Make sure that each space within your small space is organized and has a specific purpose so that all of your different functions don’t get strung together.

Small living room spaces require sacrifice. This might mean going with scaled-down furniture or just getting rid of the daring color palette. This should ensure that although you give up some of the items that you want the overall result is something that you can live with.…

Is a Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser Really the Best Choice?

Is a Reverse Osmosis Water Dispenser Really the Best Choice?

The market today is flooded for a plethora of reverse osmosis water dispensers waiting to be picked up by you. Most of the big brands that produce these dispensers claim that these equipments can provide you with safe drinking water. Unwittingly, many naive consumers end up buying these dispensers without verifying the product.

They end up paying through their nose for equipment that cannot deliver safe h2o for consumption. In this article, we shall see the hazards posed by the reverse osmosis water dispenser and hence, why they should be avoided.

The RO dispensers can remove the dissolved particles by passing everything through a semi permeable membrane in an effort to cleanse the liquid. While the organic wastes are eliminated, the inorganic wastes still continue to linger in there. These contaminants can be hazardous for consumption and can cause a number of ailments.

RO dispensers also are responsible for wastage of the limited natural resources available. It needs close to four gallons to produce just one gallon of safe drinking water. Now, don’t you agree that’s a criminal waste of liquid! Also, it takes about three hours to filter just one gallon, thus making the entire process time consuming.

Another major drawback of the reverse osmosis water dispensers is that they are very hard on the pocket. You will have to shell out close to $10,000 for just buying a good RO dispenser and having it installed. The good news, though, is that there is a more viable and safe option that is available for you.

You can opt for tap filters which have a dual filtration system. These filtration systems are also available at very reasonable and affordable prices.

The dual filtration system can not only remove the contaminants but also provide you with purest and safest drinking water because they retain the essential minerals during the filtration process.…

Scotsman MDT3F12A Flake Ice Machine Is Perfect for Health Care Facilities

Scotsman MDT3F12A Flake Ice Machine Is Perfect for Health Care Facilities

The primary objective of any health care facility is to rehabilitate its patients in a quiet, comfortable setting, taking care to provide a rapid and stress free recovery. There are many issues that may arise in a patient’s recovery, however, and measures should be taken to assure that your ice machine isn’t one of the stressors. The Scotsman MDT3F12A is the perfect ice machine and water dispenser to complement your facility.

The last thing you want in a hospital or elderly care facility is for germs and bacteria to run rampant. This can cause illnesses and sicknesses to spread quickly. One of the greatest features of the MDT3F12A from Scotsman is its hands-free sensor. This sensor allows ice or water to be distributed without touching any buttons or levers, and because of this there is little to no chance of cross contamination.

With experience working in senior housing and elderly care facilities, I know that many residents or patients choose to go to sleep early. Thankfully, the redesign of the MDT3F12A allows for operation with 25% less fan noise, and permits installation in the quietest of areas. No whirring fan blades or excessive noise allows for residents to sleep soundly, and for employees to work free from irritations and distractions.

The MDT3F12A from Scotsman produces 392 pounds of flake ice in a 24 hour period. The unit itself has a storage capacity of 12 pounds of ice, and with such a high production rate, it takes about 45 minutes to fully replenish the ice bin to maximum levels. Flake ice is ideal for many health care applications. It cools liquids quickly and is fast-melting in drinks. Its soft, chewable nature, accompanied with rapid melting time, greatly diminishes choking risks as well. Flake ice is also preferred in ice baths too, as it will gently conform to the contours of the body and provide maximum relief.

In terms of size, the Scotsman MDT3F12A is one of the smallest ice maker dispenser models available. It can fit just about anywhere ice is required, measuring a compact 14 inches wide and 34 inches tall. It is a perfect alternative to the large, bulky machines that clunk around and take up space in useful areas.

Scotsman has long been providing quality ice machines for various applications. The MDT3F12A has found a home as one of the premier flake ice machines in many hospitals, senior and elderly care facilities, due to its quiet operation, ice style, and perhaps most importantly, its hands-free sensor that greatly minimizes cross contamination risks. For more information on the MDT3F12A, or to incorporate one into your facility, visit our Ice Machines Plus website today. Our knowledgeable staff will do everything in their power to outfit you with the perfect ice machine that meets every one of your needs.…

How to Select the Best Countertop Water Dispenser That Will Fit Perfectly in Your Home Or Business

How to Select the Best Countertop Water Dispenser That Will Fit Perfectly in Your Home Or Business

The taste and elements of water has changed over the years. Gone are the days of only getting it straight from the kitchen faucet. Having the best drinking water is indispensable today and currently you are in the market searching for the best countertop water dispenser which can be more time consuming than you initially thought.

Families are becoming more and more health conscious about the type of water they drink, where it comes from and what is in it. When it comes to drinking water, there are many homes that either have water filters or bottled water that is delivered to them. Some families carry both, but one of the more popular ways of using drinking water is have a dispensers that will fit in most places.

There are quite a few designs in which to make your selection. There are the dispensers that fit near the refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, under a bar or on the countertop. The countertop dispensers are great for saving space when there is not enough space available. Spaces that may be limited in places such as in a small kitchen area, a small cabinet or cottage, as well as in community rooms or dormitories, boat or a yacht that usually does not account for much space.

The desire to have quality water has expanded to where companies must provide the consumer with options to match their need. The countertop dispenser comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are the dispensers that have the miniature water bottles that holsters on top and most containers now comes in an assortment of designs and options.

These options can include a simple room temperature nozzle to the ice cold nozzle to a boiling hot water nozzle.

There are also the ones that now offer the bottled waterless coolers whereas a water jug does not have to be attached. This type of countertop dispenser has the built in filter which produces clear clean crisp cool drinking water.

Models such as this style will usually have optional features such as the ability to select the temperature setting to your desire. Be it room temperature, cold, warm or hot water, you can choose at the push of a button. One of the best features about this particular design is that it is bottle free, there is no more lugging or struggling to put the bottle on top of the canister. Plus, the dispenser can be attached to the nearest water hose where there can be a continuous uninterrupted flow of clean filter water.…

Deciding What Color to Paint a Sunroom

You’ll want to match the bright energy of the sun inside a sunroom if you have one. Sunrooms have limited wall space so it is important to carefully choose your paint colors while keeping in mind the windows, natural light, and the purpose of the sunroom.

These tips will help transform your sunroom into what you have always envisioned.

Sunroom Paint Colors

Consider the effect you want to create in your sunroom before choosing paint colors. Imagine yourself in the ideal sunroom. Do you desire a sunroom that’s light, bright, and airy? You want a space that is warm, comfortable, and calming. Perhaps you want something a little more unusual and quirky? When you are looking at paint colors, keep this in mind.

We recommend these colors based on how you want to look.

  • SW7656 is a crisp and modern white with blue undertones that can create a cloudy look. SW6450. SW7006 or Site White
  • SW 7008, a soft, off-white with creamy beige undertones. SW9023 and Townhall Tan
  • Bold and Funky Sunroom – Do you want more color? You are free to experiment with your paint palette. Bright yellow sunrooms will make your home feel brighter. SW6907 on walls with Pure White To create an eclectic atmosphere, add some funky furniture and plants.

Sunroom paint ideas: Our top tips

We’ve now covered sunroom paint colors that can be used to inspire your project. Here are some tips and tricks to help you with the paint selection process.

  • The paint’s undertones can be revealed by sunlight. It’s a good idea for you to test paint swatches at different times of day in your sunroom.
  • Interior/exterior paint should be chosen because it provides UV protection. This will help prevent your paint from fading. In sunny areas, interior household paint may not give you the best results.
  • You will need enough paint to cover the entire sunroom. Paint will appear richer and will provide extra protection from UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations that are common in sunrooms.
  • To add visual interest and contrast to your sunroom, don’t be afraid of painting an accent wall. An accent wall can be used to add color and contrast to a room without making it appear too big.

This post was written by a professional at St.Pete Home Painters. St. Pete Home Painters is a locally-owned and operated group of painters St Petersburg FL. For 15 years we have been serving residents with contractors, and painters in St Petersburg who are ex-firefighters. We work closely with customers to ensure their satisfaction when it comes to pricing and scheduling. Call us today for your free quote!

Modern Minimalist Interior Design For a Cafe

Modern Minimalist Interior Design For a Cafe

Cafe is the place to relaxes we can rest, drink coffee or cocktail. Typical cafe can found in just every nook and cranny across the nation. But the decoration for each cafe is different. It can be difficult project to do when you want to decorating and designing a provincial cafe motif and creating the look like your home. The good news is cafe usually need lower budget when it comes to interior designer.

It is best option to choose right decorative theme for your cafe which bring warm and inviting atmosphere. As we know, interior design cafe is one of supporting to make interest cafe visitor. Firstly, you need to place furniture and decorations effectively. Any number of tables can be combining together to create larger place for two or more people to sit. This idea can saves space and enables you to increase the number of customers you serve.

You need to make sure at least one free square around decorations like fountains or plants here. Customers may not be able to reach tables if decorations are blocking their path. So do not put too much decoration in the corner of cafe room. The cafe interior design is empty without the bar stools. These stools are the main items to give the perfect appearance of a cafe.

To give a modern minimalist cafe style, you can think about the pictures and the environment and do it accordingly. A relatively small table associated with these bar stools gives the perfect cafe look like interior design living room. However, it will better if you limited the number of decorations you embed. You should pay attention to increase the amount of customers you can serve so buying more tables and chairs should be a priority.…

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