Cleaning a Bottled Water Dispenser to Keep Harmful Molds and Bacteria From Contaminating Your Water

Cleaning a Bottled Water Dispenser to Keep Harmful Molds and Bacteria From Contaminating Your Water

You get a bottled water dispenser for both health and convenience. While they are quite easy to just set and forget, it’s not safe to just leave them alone without maintenance and cleaning. Even though you may be putting clean water into the system each time you change a bottle, bacteria and molds can still get into the system through the air. So it’s important to follow a series of steps periodically to keep your drinking water safe and your people healthy.

It’s recommended that you follow a cleaning procedure each time you change the bottle. But if you don’t change the bottle very often then you should clean the dispenser at least every six weeks. This may seem too frequent, but it’s easy for biological contaminants to grow in moist, dark places during that time. Since the reservoir of a bottled water dispenser is a cool dark place, it turns out to be a perfect breeding ground.

Some sources recommend using bleach water as your cleaning agent. This is usually from government sources, which tend not to be in touch with the reservations people have about using bleach in their drinking system. A good alternative is to use white vinegar. The main difference between the procedures will be that you only leave the bleach in contact with the cooler for a couple of minutes, and not more than five minutes. With the vinegar you should leave it in contact and cleaning for at least ten minutes. In economic terms though, bleach is much cheaper to use than vinegar.

After removing the bottle from the cooler, you want to drain the reservoir. Then fill the reservoir with your cleaning solution and let it sit for the recommended time. After that drain the cleaning solution through each of spigots your dispenser has. When its all drained. flush the system with clean water through at least four cycles. Try tasting or smelling the water coming out after that to make sure all of the cleaning solution is removed.…

How to Prevent Cancer by Using a Clean & Pure Water Filter That Protects Against Chemicals in Water

How to Prevent Cancer by Using a Clean & Pure Water Filter That Protects Against Chemicals in Water

Using a clean & pure water filter is one of the best decisions you can make for your health and safety! Many people mistakenly believe that tap water is safe and clean, but this is hardly true. Not only is it full of chlorine, a known carcinogen (causes cancer), but it also contains varying amounts of lead, herbicides, pesticides, arsenic, aluminum, and even asbestos.

These usually occur in trace amounts, but one glass of water contains many traces, which eventually add up. The long-term effect of continuously drinking contaminated water is yet to be conclusively found, yet many people suspect the prevalence of cancer and other diseases in the past fifty years to be directly or indirectly related to the toxins found in the water we drink.

In addition, many different kinds of bacteria find their home in our drinking water. This usually happens when sewage gets mixed in with the water supply.

The point of adding chlorine to the water is to kill the bacteria – however, two of the most common and deadly parasites, Giardia and Cryptospiridium, have become resistant to chlorine.

A clean & pure water filter can prevent these chemicals and bacteria from invading your body and causing short-term and/or long-term damage. It is especially important to use a high quality water filter if you have children. These “trace” amounts of chemicals and bacteria can have a much more notable effect on kids, and can impede their development and cause childhood illnesses.

These days, using a clean & pure water filter is more important than ever. We can no longer trust what comes out of our taps.

Don’t take any risks! If you don’t think there are any contaminants in your water, try buying a water testing kit to find out for certain.…

Open-Plan Living

Open-Plan Living

One seldom needs to view a house from the cellar to the roof in order to work out roughly when it was built. The architectural period can often be gathered from the structure design or from the interior details, such as the arrangement of the rooms. No matter how much renovation takes place over the years, the basic structure of a house seldom loses its identity.

Before the Second World War houses were traditionally equipped with a suite of rooms, demurely modest or spaciously grand, the arrangement was basically the same. One room served as dining room, the other as ‘parlor’, ‘lounge’ or ‘front room’, and these two rooms were invariably separated either by a wall or sliding door. Every self respecting family strove to keep the ‘front room ‘ serenely spotless for special occasions, and did most of their dining, and living, in the other room.

But this tradition, along with so many others, changed radically after the Second World War. In those days, architects, contractors and the future occupants of the new houses were unanimous in their preference, if not in their reasons, for open-plan interiors. Young families found a suite of rooms linked by doors and corridors impractical and old-fashioned. They preferred one large, efficient living room which let in daylight from at least two sides. Thus came about the rapid rise of countless open-plan flats and family houses, the landscape was soon peppered with vast estates.

The housing problem was so great that pressing on with more and more buildings was considered a higher priority than research into other possibilities. These had to wait until the most urgent housing needs had been met. Open-plan houses and flats have many agreeable features,which continually move with the times. Though, it is argued that, in comparison with old houses, more imaginative flair is called for to give them a personal identity. In the average open plan house, the dining area is situated next to the kitchen, with the rest of the room functioning as a lounge, it would be impractical to situate the dining area further down the room.

These open dining-cum-living rooms are not only pleasing places for people to live in, they are also an excellent environment for plants. The changing light, coming in from large picture windows, usually at each end of the room, is more than enough to satisfy the needs of most houseplants. Even people who are ‘absolutely hopeless with the plants’ can create beautiful flower and green foliage arrangements in front of these windows.

Various plants are sometimes grouped together in special plant tables or large cubes; elsewhere built-in or loose troughs are used to great effect, and occasionally a sizable section of the floor is raised to form seating and accommodate sunken plant troughs. This last innovation can make such an interior exceptionally cosy and welcoming.

It is, however, more difficult to grow plants in the middle of an open plan interior. The strength of the incoming light, as far as plants are concerned, drops dramatically if they are placed more than one meter away from the light source. This can be a bit of problem, since some sort of visual break is often just what these long rooms need; moreover, many people like to create an intimate corner by separating the living and the dining area with a screen of plants.

It is possible, however, even in the relatively darker center of the room, if you use shade-loving plants. Look around a good garden center and select the plants you find most attractive. Finally, plant lights can serve you and your plants really well in the dark spot, and investing in these lighting aids will also immediately increase the possibilities of arranging your plants.

Top 4 Reasons for Using Bottleless Water Coolers

Top 4 Reasons for Using Bottleless Water Coolers

You must be wondering why use bottles water coolers, when the supply is directly reaching you from natural resources. Think again before you take a call on which drinking water system to install at home or at office. In a recent survey, it has been found out that the tap water is contaminated with cancer causing elements, in more than 31 US cities! Simply connect the coolers with your resource and enjoy the benefits of pure and safe water.

Bottleless water coolers have surpassed not only the traditional water systems but also saves time and energy spent in filling up bottles. Now, clean and cool drinking water would be easily available just by connecting a cooler permanently which is perfectly attached with the water line of the building. So why should you take the risk?

Benefits of Bottleless Water Coolers

The following are some of the most important benefits of bottleless water coolers:

Temperature adjustment

These coolers not only provide safe and tasty drinking water, but it has several advantages. In these coolers, temperature can be adjusted according to the need of the members. Therefore, water at room temperature, hot, warm and cold drinking water is easily available with just the click of few buttons. It involves the technology of ozonation and contains antioxidants which are healthy for the human body.

Cleanliness and technology

Many bottleless water coolers use reverse osmosis membrane technology while many use the nano ceramic filtration technology to ensure clean and bacteria-free water supply. These are generally made of stainless steel and are durable. Such coolers also do not require regular cleaning. You need to just change the filter annually, or as and when required. The exterior of the dispenser and the dip tray can be conditioned and sterilized at intervals.

Eco friendly

These are environment friendly too! It does not use plastic cans or bottles. This kind of cooler is highly attractive to look and perfectly suits the contemporary lifestyle. The cabinet for this particular water cooler is generally available in executive gray and milk white color which is a perfect fit for any kind of interior or exterior d?�cor. By installing this cooler, you can be sure of crystal clear, hygienic and odor free water.

Cost effective

Bottleless water coolers are cost effective as you need not worry about its maintenance as it is maintained by the company you are getting it installed from. …

Harsh Winter Weather Sees an Increase in Purchases of Gas Fires

Harsh Winter Weather Sees an Increase in Purchases of Gas Fires

Different people like diverse seasons; many love summers and for the whole year, like to remain hot, whereas others love winters and want snowfall all of the time. Different seasons have special distinctiveness. Summers require air conditioners, whereas gas fires are of huge demand in winters. Usually, winters mark the season of Christmas, and snowfall is the symbol of this event.

Harsh winter weather sees an extensive need in the purchases of gas-fires, as sometimes the weather drops to minus Celsius, which is unbearable for mankind. People who cannot afford gas-fires try to keep themselves warm by wearing woollen clothes, which become a major demand of this particular season, and fire wood is used to keep one even warmer.

Houses in northern regions have a special place to fix gas-fires in each room. The demand of gas-fires is excessive in developing countries as well as the countries where natural gas is found in abundance. It is a relatively cheaper way of keeping houses warm as compared to electric heaters, and is affordable for middle as well as lower income holders.

In the past, there used to be simple gas-fires, which were merely purchased to fulfill the need of harsh winters, but now, as the technology is advancing and people are becoming more and more trend conscious, we can find gas-fires of many unique designs, which help in adding beauty to our homes as well as satisfy our needs.

As gas fires help in keeping our houses warm and protect us from harsh weather conditions, they have some disadvantages too, which can turn out to be extremely dangerous. The major reasons of house fires in winters are the gas-fires. People usually become careless and forget to turn off heaters before going to sleep. Besides, one has to be exceptionally careful while using gas fires, as things placed near them can easily catch fire, which can become a hazard. Leakage of natural gas is not good for health, and it can lead to death if all the points are not properly closed before going to sleep.

Developed and western countries have stopped using gas fires as they have started to use the electric means of keeping their places warm, but keeping gas fires of unique styles are marked as a status of symbol and that of an elite class. It is evident that majority of people in world still use gas fires as a means to keep their houses temperate.

As the demand of gas fire increases in winters, so does their price. Many individuals prefer buying them in summers, as off season offers discounted prices, and they are in the reach of majority of the people, whereas the same thing is sold for twice as price in winters and before the season starts.

Gas fires are of great need in harsh winters and are the main source of keeping houses warm. Other substitutes such as fire wood, coal, etc. are also available but can only be used outdoors. Gas fires should be used with great care and caution, as they can be extremely dangerous at the same time. In short, they are most conventional for a common man to protect himself against the cruel weather conditions.…

T6 Water Dispenser Product Review

T6 Water Dispenser Product Review

The T6 is so called because its manufacturers believe it will become the sixth indispensable kitchen appliance. It filters water to remove odours and particles of sand, silt, rust and chlorine down to 0.6 micron. A UV lamp destroys any micro-organisms and its ‘Zero Air Gap Technology’ prevents bacteria.

Nick Heane, managing director of Tana Water which is launching the product in the UK, said: “The T6 is neat bit of kit for small businesses and home offices. It not only saves space but we believe it will save businesses time and money as well.

“There is no standing by the kettle waiting for it to boil and no need to spend money on bottled water – tap water costs 1p a litre compared to an average price of 73p a litre for bottled water in the UK.

“People are sometimes put off drinking tap water because it can taste funny – the T6’s triple filtration system deals with that and the result is great tasting water without the environmental impact of bottled water.”

The T6 has an LCD screen, sleep and standby modes and comes in 12 different colours to fit any office decor. It is approved under the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme.

Your water, Your Way, When You Need It

Using the T6 couldn’t be simpler. Easy-to-use buttons and a clear, bright display allow you to programme the T6 to dispense water just how you like it. The ‘Hot Water’ button keeps the T6 heated for instant hot water, with an “Extra Hot” button also provided for when you need boiling water in seconds. For those who want to quench their thirst, the “Cold Water” button dispenses triple filtered super chilled water. Better yet, you can fix the settings to your own requirements – exact temperate and amount of water delivered – making the T6 your one-stop solution for all of your drinking water needs. Energy saving features and wake-up functions allow you to get the most from your T6 when you want it.

Designed For a Great User Experience

‘The T6 was designed with the user in mind. Aiming to provide an efficient and simple unit that meets your water needs simply and quickly. With that goal, a number of personal settings have been built into the T6.

Set the water temperature to your own preference. Have your cold water from a chilling 5c to a cold 16c. If you prefer ambient water just use the mix button and set your preference anywhere between 10c-50c. The hot button provides instant hot water for coffee. The extra hot button provides water at a perfect temperature for tea. You can set the volume of water to be dispensed ensuring the correct amount for each drink from a button. You only use what you need and when you need it – meaning no waste.

Set the wake up mode ready for the start of the office day and you have boiling water for your first cuppa. The T6 also has an energy saving mode when not in use, saving energy and money. By flipping up the tray you can fill anything from jugs to bottles for meetings meaning all your water needs are covered.…

Helping Keep Cool With Maytag Air Conditioning Units

Helping Keep Cool With Maytag Air Conditioning Units

If you desire an air conditioner that helps you keep cool always then you need not look beyond Maytag air conditioners. They are technologically advanced, simple to operate and easy to maintain. Also what puts them in higher league is the long lasting durability, which has also been one of the most significant features of all the products of this brand. The organization has been playing a pivotal role in creating a range of innovative home appliances and shaping the lifestyle choices of its customers. With its impressive array of products, the organization has led the transition from old, conventional kitchen tools to modern and hi-tech appliances.

These super efficient machines can easily take care of those mundane yet essential chores one has to get done at home. However, the organization’s expertise stretches beyond the realms of providing only excellent kitchen products since it has also embraced within its folds a premium line of window and portable air conditioners.

The air conditioning units are designed to offer utmost comfort to its customers as they incorporate a number of unique features and aspects that set them apart from a number of its contemporaries. The company offers a plethora of heating and cooling solutions and has offices and centers spread across the world. Irrespective of whichever part of the world you may belong to, if you want an escape from scorching heat and soaring high temperatures then a Maytag air conditioner is just the right option. The air conditioners are designed keeping in mind the preferences of its customers and even the climate of a particular country. Therefore for tropical zone the air conditioner contains certain distinctive features while for dry climate it may incorporate a different set of features altogether.

Where there are soaring high temperatures, the need to operate the units for a longer duration is also quite obvious. But the need to operate the air conditioner for considerable amount of time is also accompanied with the concern of incurring high-energy bills. The organization has laid focus on this aspect and created air conditioning units that feature a high SEER rating. In fact the rating can go up as high as 24.50 SEER thereby making them extremely energy efficient machines.

Also the need to buy a machine that requires minimal maintenance is yet another aspect which is a prerequisite for most customers. In today’s fast paced life, the need to buy products that do not require much maintenance is definitely a predominant concern. The air conditioners of this brand come with an advanced technology featuring an automatic mechanism that alerts you when maintenance is required. Since the motor of the unit is permanently lubricated therefore it does not require too much maintenance and can lasts for a really long time. Even the cabinet is made of stainless steel, which helps in protecting the internal parts from damage due to exposure. All these factors combine to make it one of the most trusted, durable and widely appreciated brands.…

Finding the Perfect Espresso Maker

Finding the Perfect Espresso Maker

There are lots of people about now that love a shot of espresso in the mornings instead of their usual coffee. Espresso may be a little harder to make but when you have an espresso maker doing all the work for you then it is not a problem. The only problem that you do have is choosing the right espresso maker from the wide variety of espresso makers on the market. Here are a few tips that may help you to decide which one is right for you.

To start off with you should always try to find an espresso maker that includes a hot water dispenser and of course a cup warmer. It may sounds obvious but you like to be able to have your espresso nice and hot whenever you want it.

The cup warmer on these machines is usually on the top so one you have poured your espresso you can just place the cup on top of it and keep it warm until you finish it.

In the same way you want to have a hot water dispenser so that you have a constant flow of hot water for your espressos and you do not need to be messing with the kettle all the time.

An espresso maker would not be the same without the strength controls included. It is much better if you are able to select the strength of the espresso that you want and not have it set at the same all the time.

Fitted water filters are another option that you really should look at including on your espresso maker. The water filters keep your water nice and fresh and give you a better tasting espresso without the chlorine or iron in your water.

The water filter just means that you will have to occasionally replace it or at least clean it regularly but it will be worth it when you have fresher tasting espresso.

Finally your espresso maker has to have the facility for frothing. With this frothing wand or canister you can make excellent espresso, cappuccinos or even lattes if you wish.…

Essential Ideas You Need To Know When Repairing Your Roof

There is much you need to know about roofing before you put on a new roof. So much information can be hard to take in at once, and that is why it’s been condensed right here for you. Fortunately, the below article will provide you with an abundance of roofing advice that will help you in your roofing endeavors.

Each year, take a long, hard look at your roof. Springtime and winter are the harshest times of the year Kitchen Remodel for rooftops. Because of this, it is especially important to inspect your roof during these seasons.

Repair your leak when the water has dried up. The roof is especially dangerous when it is wet, and there is no way to seal off a leak while it is raining. This will allow you the time to do the job right and do it under safe conditions.

While leaks sometimes do come from problems with your shingles, you should also check the foundation of the roof. Water could be seeping in from somewhere else, such as dry-rotted siding or gaps along windows or doors. Check all areas to make sure that there is no deterioration.

When considering the materials for your roof, consider the climate in which you live. When you live in a dry climate, go for clay tile. Clay roof tiles on a house in a rainy climate will result in the roof deteriorating rather quickly. If you do not know if these are ideal for you, ask a pro.

When looking for a good roofing contractor, ask your family, friends and co-workers for recommendations. Make sure you question them on a contractor’s costs, service level, and craftsmanship. In addition, you should ask them about the contractor’s clean-up procedure and if they provide warranties.

You shouldn’t feel overpowered by all the roofing information out there. You really don’t have to know every aspect of roofing to be great at it. Once you know the essentials, you’re off to a great start. This article has given you the knowledge you need; now go use it.…

Caulking Tips When Gapping Walls Ready For Painting

Caulking Tips When Gapping Walls Ready For Painting

A big part of home interior decoration is your preparation and getting the surface you’re working on ready to work with. When I enter a job for the first time and get the feel for the job, the first thing that sticks out at me is the damage to walls and surfaces. My pet hate in a job is seeing gaps. Not only does it let air in, but bugs and creepy crawlies find their way into your home. I make that room as water tight as I possibly can [if you filled it up with water you could float around in your lazy boy with your favourite beverage ;-)]. On a serious note a well caulked or gapped up room looks very professional and gives you nice exact line and corners which also makes painting a whole lot easier. So in this segment I’m going to explain how to caulk and apply gap sealants when home interior decoration. The goal here is to finish up with a nice neat bead of gap sealant.

One thing I always do before I start to gap is make sure I cut my nozzle correctly. It is vital for a nice pro finish that you get this part right. These nozzles have either a sealed end or small hole already in end of the nozzle. The art of gapping is all in the way you cut the nozzle. Get yourself a Stanley knife or box cutter and cut you nozzle about 3 to 4 mm from end on a very slight angle, making sure it’s a clean cut.

Remember the goal here is to have a consistent bead of gaps that doesn’t change in size or shape. You will need a few basic things like a rag to keep close by some water or dampening your rag is probably better and a really healthy pointer finger.

OK! No pit stops here for a smooth and continuous bead. Start at one end and flow carefully but steadily to the other, keeping a constant medium pressure on the trigger of the gun. Stopping and starting will result in an untidy and broken bead of gaps or caulk.

When doing a long area of caulking, for example skirting boards, you find your running out of trigger, quickly release you trigger and start pulling it again remembering to keep the angle of the gun so you don’t have gaps spewing outside the line of your nozzle. Now with the pressure left in the tube you’ll find you can keep moving during that split second interruption [try to keep even movement and flow, this is the art of gapping] ] ………… Now stay tuned for part B of caulking and using gap sealants and you’ll be a master caulker in a very short time. Remember Caulking and Gap Sealants are a big part of your home interior decoration…….Catch ya………………….Wayne the painter…