What is the Bottled Water Cooler Really For?

What is the Bottled Water Cooler Really For?

Consider for a moment one of the undisputed icons of the office environment. I refer of course to that totem of colleague interaction, the bottled water cooler. Surely few items in history have taken such an ingrained place in the nation’s psychology, yet there is a problem – what exactly is it for?

Ha – I hear you say: surely the clue is in the name. You can get much clearer than that can you? This must be a place were hard working workers can go to enjoy a cool thirst quenching glass of H2O. What could be simpler?

But is it? Water may be the given reason for including a bottled water cooler in an office. After all, who wants workers passing out due to dehydration? Not many to be sure. But it is so much more than that. Its most vital contribution is to provide non smokers with a much needed break from the screen. This is one of the great injustices of office life – the clear priority often given over to smokers in the office environment. All they have to do is imply that without nicotine they may somehow lose the capacity for rational thought and suddenly the world is their oyster. They get a break almost on demand. The rest of us soldier on regardless.

Now I don’t smoke, but I do like a drink. But do they install a mini bar in the kitchen where we can gather mid morning? No. Instead what we have is the bottled water cooler, the one place we can get a screen break and complain bitterly about our lucky smoking co-workers.

It all leads you to wonder if this is exactly what the inventor had in mind when he came up with the idea in the first place. Who were they I hear? Well, we can trace the water cooler back to Halsey Willard Tailor and Luther Haws who came up with the first drinking fountain in 1911.

This was a far cry from the magnificent machines we know and love today. In fact back then man’s only way of cooling down water was to supply it in large blocks of ice. But soon he put his ingenuity to discovering a machine which could do this automatically and once the ball was rolling there was no stopping it.

Today’s water coolers offer an almost unrivaled array of possibilities. Made from the finest materials they remain an indispensable part of any office. So let’s raise a glass the water cooler. Where would we be without it?…

Essentials of Living Room Interior Designs

Essentials of Living Room Interior Designs

The living room is a very important part of the home. It serves its own unique purpose for the master of the house, just like the rest of the house. In order to have a clearer understanding of what the essentials of living room interior designs, it is first important to know what purposes does a living room serve. Basically, the living room is a place that is designed for a relaxed yet active exchange between the people happening to be in that place. This purpose holds true whether the person currently relaxing on the family room is alone with himself, or with his family, friends, visitors, or colleagues. The living room is a spot that is designed for openness; thus, it must give the ambiance of acceptance and friendliness. After all, the living room is where you bring your visitors. You wouldn’t let into your room someone who isn’t welcome in your life, would you? To sum it up, we may then presume that the room serves two purposes. Primarily, it should be a place for an active exchange and secondly, it should be a place that expresses your acceptance of the visitor. These two will be the working principles to be used in this article.

Based on the preceding paragraph,interior designs should provide an active yet relaxed environment. This can be done, obviously and basically, by designing the colors of your wall and lighting to provide those conditions. Such active colors for a wall include light orange, a slightly stronger tint of flesh, white. However, although colors such as red and electric blue can be considered as active colors, they will not qualify as colors for your room. This is because the color red gives an illusion of space in such a way that it makes the space look smaller, thus, it becomes more intimate, which could be intimidating for visitors especially the newly acquainted ones. Meanwhile, electric blue is also not suitable as colors of a wall because when seen in huge spaces, such as walls, it has a slight effect of inducing dizziness to some people, and any of your visitors could be one of them. As for lighting, an incandescent lighting is more suitable for achieve a relaxed yet higher activity for a room, rather than for fluorescent bulbs. However, since it also now important so save energy, one good trick to comply both objectives is to use one strong, but small in size, incandescent bulb and surround its upper half with a stainless steel bowl. The use of a few energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs to scatter the light is also advisable.

The family room is not named merely as it is for no reason. It is called the “living room” because it is where the life of the house should be. Knowing this, it is very important to have a source of lighting from the very source of light: the sun. So, when planning your living room interior designs, be sure that one of the fixtures, basically the window, should be placed in a way that it accepts as much sunlight as you see fit.…

How To Fix The Water Dispenser On Your Refrigerator

How To Fix The Water Dispenser On Your Refrigerator

Most side by side or French door refrigerators have built-in water dispensers. Many people take advantage of this refrigerator feature as it dispenses the need for a separate machine. It also optimizes the cooling features of the machine. You wouldn’t have to store pitchers of water inside.

But this extra feature of refrigerators can also become unreliable. You might have to deal with a broken water dispenser sooner or later. But don’t sweat it! You can easily fix this in no time using the following steps:

1. Test the dispenser first. Get an empty glass and insert it into the dispenser. Push the pump button or press the paddle. If you hear a gurgling noise inside, there could be something blocking the passage of water. If you can’t hear anything at all, the problem lies in the electrical and mechanical part of the machine.

2. You should check out if something is blocking the passage of water first. Try checking the water filter. If it hasn’t been changed for about 6 months or more, it might already be filled up with debris. Remove the water filter and replace it with a new one.

3. Unplug the fridge. You should do the pre-defrosting steps such as removing the contents of the refrigerator. Your goal is to defrost the area behind the water dispenser. If there is a sudden drop in temperature, water can drip in this area. When they solidify, they can block the passage of water. Try using a hair dryer to get rid of solidified water. Also direct the hair dryer to the frozen dispenser lines. Make sure you turn the temperature up to medium heat only. Also heat up the front of the dispenser where the water comes out.

4. If the previous steps did not work in unclogging your washer, try removing all contents of the fridge and have it stored by your next-door neighbour. You might need to defrost your fridge for a whole day to make sure that the frozen parts are thawed out.

5. If these methods did not work, it is time to call a handyman. The problem is most likely caused by internal wirings problems. Since most refrigerators have complicated wirings and mechanisms, a professional should fix it.

It is also important to take good care of your refrigerator to avoid problems. You need to keep it clean all the time. Also maintain the right temperature inside the fridge.…

A 5 Gallon Water Dispenser Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste in Our Landfills

A 5 Gallon Water Dispenser Can Help Reduce Plastic Waste in Our Landfills

How many plastic water bottles have you used in the past day? How about in the past week? Did you know that Americans use over 20 billion plastic water bottles every single year? Although many cities around the world have established plastic recycling programs, it is estimated that 80% of all plastic water bottles still end up in our landfills. Some bottles are burned in incinerators and release toxic gases into the air we breathe. For how long can this continue?

Once companies discovered that they could profit from reselling water by marketing it as ‘cleaner’ and ‘healthier,’ they never looked back. Water is bottled and imported and shipped all over the world, and sold to consumers who are afraid of their tap water. Many tests have shown, however, that some bottled water is actually less clean than tap water, depending on where you live. If we can change the way we think about water, we can prevent a lot of unnecessary waste.

Two household items can help us all reduce our plastic water bottle waste. The first is an eco-friendly home appliance that can help you eliminate your plastic water bottle waste-a 5 gallon water dispenser. There is also a water bottle alternative-reusable plastic and metal water bottles made by companies like Sigg, BlueQ, and Vessel. Many of them are available in very stylish designs.

A 5 gallon water dispenser is a great size for your home or workplace. It’s not too big for your desk or kitchen counter. The ideal type of water dispenser requires no energy to run and is usually a ceramic base on some kind of stand that the 5 gallon water bottle fits into. Many of these types of dispensers hold 3 or 5 gallon bottles. You can usually find these units for about $25-$50 USD.

If you want your water to be hot or cold, you’ll probably want to buy a 5 gallon water dispenser that requires energy to run and costs a little bit more. These sell for about $100-$200 depending on the model. Some newer dispenser models even have ice-making capabilities.

Buying one of these is definitely an investment up front, but it will pay for itself before you know it. Bottled water is more expensive than gasoline in most places! Save your money and spend it on your Starbucks latte addiction instead (kidding!).…

Use Everpure Water Filtration Systems for Peace of Mind

Use Everpure Water Filtration Systems for Peace of Mind

Some of us may think we know exactly where our water comes from at all times, but I am definitely skeptical. I’m not saying that there is anything distinctly wrong with the water coming out of most American taps but between the reservoir, lake or ocean and on it’s way to a faucet, imagine how many chances there are for something to go wrong. The process of making water publicly available to citizens of this country is so multifaceted how can we assume that there have been no mistakes made. Generally we can trust that the water is refreshing and mostly clean but since you can’t be too careful, why not send that tap water through an Everpure water filter, just to be safe?

Obviously that isn’t the only reason you would use Everpure Water Filtration (or maybe Cuno filters). Filtered tap water just tastes better. It makes the water taste better. It is like you can taste how clean Everpure water is as soon as it hits your tongue. You might not even realize how refreshing water can be if you have not had filtered water from your tap. In my mind, it beats the heck out of any brand of bottled water and it is obviously a whole lot cheaper.

Still the main reason I have settled on only drinking from an Everpure Water Filter is that I am suspicious of the amount of trouble that could occur between water source and my mouth. As I said, it is not that I don’t trust anything or anyone, I simply think there are too many opportunities for it to go wrong. Every area has water treatment facilities and built-in infrastructure to try and keep the water in our homes healthy enough to cook with, bathe in and of course drink. In that entire process, chances are there is a surly worker or a random occurrence that could make our drinking water gross or worse — dangerous. There have been many scenarios bandied about most too troubling to get into of disasters occurring with or changing the health of our water supplies. I sometimes find it difficult to imagine those scenarios are so far off from reality.

So other than getting a delicious glass of water, what we get from filtered water is peace of mind. No one wants to sit around having anxiety over what is going on with what they are drinking. We all just want to hit the faucet and drink. With a water filtration system, that’s all you have to do.…

Family Room Interior Design Ideas

Family Room Interior Design Ideas

Family rooms are a very popular space in the home where the family relaxes and come together to enjoy TV, study and other activities. Since the room is well used and lived in, the furniture undertakes heavy usage and the d?�cor looses its freshness quickly.

Since the family room has to cater to adults and kids, it should contain elements that all family members enjoy. Scour your home from storage to other rooms and find things than can be use in your family room. You can decorate the room with old furniture after having it reupholstered, matching it with a throw rug that can animate the effect of the vintage furniture.

Interior decoration ideas provide good guidance for family rooms you can use one decorative piece or piece of furniture as the focal point and decorate around it. One high quality piece of furniture, electronics or a painting can carry the effect of the whole room and you can decorate around it. Be careful and don’t over decorate, since all the family members will spend time there space is important. A good suggestion is having multi-tasking furniture that can be opened and folded back to save space.

Rather than buying expensive furniture and d?�cor that match, look for diverse pieces with a unifying theme, color and style for the family room. A popular trend is cushions that don’t precisely match the couch. You can use the basic couch, but have slipcovers custom made for the cushions and replace them. You can always use the original covers later, always use a vibrant and exciting shade in fabrics.

If your family room already has a monochromatic color scheme, use other colors. Move away from standard accessories for color and add a chair, a bean bag or a rug that is full of color which brings a new energy to the room. You can add a study table with book shelves or a TV theatre system, whatever the add-in it should be vibrant and should appeal to the whole family complementing the color scheme at the same time.

A simple change in furniture arrangement gives any room a new look. If you can change the traffic flow of the room you’ll find it has a different feel altogether. If there are multiple focal points in your room change focus to from the old point to a new one.

The family room is usually arranged around a focal point, so by changing the way the main feature appears can change the look of the room. A new entertainment center or a LED television can make this change, and other tricks can be retiling the fireplace or replacing the mantle. If the window is the focal point redecorate the windows.

All changes in the family room should be in line with the needs of all family members. So, you should generally choose the bigger room to include most activities like books and reading table, TV & entertainment system, a place for the PC and an area for babies or kids toys. Storage is a very important point for family rooms to make space. Modern decoration ideas include walls with spaces to place the home theatre system and book shelves with a retractable table for readers.…

Hot Water Dispensers – Read The Pros And Cons of Having One

Hot Water Dispensers – Read The Pros And Cons of Having One

These days, most people have lives which are very hectic and anything which can make their lives easier and more convenient is considered necessary. With such busy lifestyles, some people cannot even find the time to boil water and as such, hot water dispensers are really necessary to many households and offices. This is especially true when you have used it before, you cannot afford to a day without the machine.

With these hot water dispensers, you don’t have to worry about not having enough time to get your hot water. Hot water is always ready for use when you go to your kitchen sink. You can wake up a few minutes later and still having your morning household tasks done properly. With instant hot or cold water, you can warm up food, milk bottles; make instant noodles and soup, instant coffee and tea, and many other tasks in just a matter of seconds.

Unlike some other devices that come with confusing instructions, a hot water dispenser is not difficult to use. The dispenser which can help you a lot in your kitchen does not even need a big space, so to have it in your kitchen will not be a problem. You may choose to have only the faucet exposed. The rest of the parts which are the mini water tank, pipes and cords will be under the kitchen sink. The electric coil of the device is powered by a 120V household circuit to heat up the water and maintain the temperature so that you can have instant heated water.

You do not have to worry about not having to find a hot water dispenser to fit your house d?�cor and theme. There are in fact a wide range of designs and styles which you can pick. There are some which come with high spout while some are designed with low spout. Spend a little time looking around and you are sure to find one which fit your house d?�cor.

With the different designs, hot water dispensers also come with different capacity. Find out more information of the product prior to purchasing it and having it install. Now, when you are buying a coffee maker, you would need to know if it can make enough coffee for your family in one go, right? Likewise, you need to know the uses that the dispenser can perform for you.

Unlike boiling a kettle of water, you have to take into account the expenses you are going to incur when heating and keeping the water hot. The price tag of a water dispenser can also be a little on the high side.

However, if you weigh the convenient lifestyle it will benefit you and the cost of having it installed, you may most likely think it is all worth while. If you have made up your mind, consider other features you may like to install with your hot water dispensers like childproof lock and filtration system.…