January 2021

Creating Inspiring Commercial Spaces

Creating Inspiring Commercial Spaces

We often hear from our commercial or corporate clients that they are seeking an interior with a fresh look — “Something different!” they say, “Not your typical office.” While this is undoubtedly the appeal heard from many a business owner these days, few clients know exactly what they are looking for when they toss out descriptions such as ‘sleek,’ ‘exciting’ or ‘different.’

In a lagging and thus ultra-competitive economy, any and every step that can be taken to place oneself ahead of the competition is considered. Up-to-date interior design that is stunning and memorable can be just as great a competitive edge as professional marketing and good business practices.

Like branding, decor acts as the visual embodiment of a company’s personality and quality, and indirectly, its success. An invigorating professionally-designed space legitimizes a company, causes employees and visitors to feel comfortable, and inspires a sense of confidence in the superiority of the business and its services.

Most importantly, the design of a commercial space should reflect the company’s values, lifestyle, and individuality. As a place where people spend time, conduct business and showcase themselves daily, the furnished workplace deserves a significant share of attention. Unlike homes and residential spaces that are typically highly individualistic, commercial spaces too often receive minimal effort. Furnishing may consist of overly simple contract furniture and bland dividing walls, thrown together with little consideration. In reality, a thoughtfully-designed office space is as important to its users’ well-being (and the business’ professional image) as any home, and as such, it deserves the same ingenuity and personalized creativity that accompanies residential design.

To lay the foundations for personalized thinking and a space that diverges from “average” decor, business owners should think closely about the negative aspects of typical commercial design that they see so often and find boring, overused or uninspiring. Examining each aspect individually — from lighting to color to wall shape — and brainstorming examples of positive modifications will help business owners break out of the mould of typical design thinking and build a list of new ideas.

A family doctor recently commented to us that medical offices are often depressing and sterile. Upon deeper thought, he expounded that in the typical spaces he sees, walls are uninspiring, decor is dated, and plain lighting makes the interior look stark. By addressing each concern individually and approaching commercial design as one would a personalized home, the creativity starts to flow. In the course of the design process, potentially plain walls became bold accents of color, and simple lighting became varied with new sources such as sconces and pendants. Additional decorative flair and unique accents (a designer can provide lots of ideas) were drawn from personal interests and the character of the company, rather than defaulting to irrelevant decor that is boring and uninspired.

Adding creative detail to every element of the design from the very beginning of the process will ensure that users’ attention is captured and kept. With a space that reflects an excited design taste rather than a resigned one, the experience of the workplace will be memorable for visitors and invigorating for employees.…

Kitchen Interior Design Options

Kitchen Interior Design Options

The interior design of a house is the one aspect that effectively turns it into a home. It also serves to add to the value of the property and is therefore a wise investment decision. Kitchens are among the most important indoor spaces when it comes to interior design features.

There are numerous aspects that when incorporated into this space, serve to make it not just appealing but also highly functional. For instance, in choosing countertop material, think about the look a particular material will effect in this space. But do not forget to think about the practicality of it in this space. Does it scratch easy; is it porous, can it be maintained in good condition without much expense?

Another important factor to take into consideration here is coordination of colors, themes and materials used. If the space is meant to look formal, choose formal colors for the different appliances and surfaces here. If the refrigerator and oven sport a steel finish, get the same material for cabinets and other appliances to create a harmonious look.

Some of the most essential features of this space are the kitchen sinks. Many homeowners make the mistake of looking at this area simply as a washbasin and not more. This utility can determine the ease with which activities are carried out in this space and it can impact greatly on the visual appeal of the room at large.

There are so many options in terms of size, material and shape but in order to make a good choice, one has to look at the reputation of the manufacturer before all else. Keep in mind that the design and other aspects of it can be made to specifications if you so wish.…

How Colour Influences Our Mood

How Colour Influences Our Mood

Human psychology is an amazing thing. It is affected by such intangible things like colours and aromas. Each colour has a unique effect on the moods of people. Colours are differentiated by their wavelengths and frequency. Based upon this, they are rated as strong or intense colours; medium colours; and light or soft colours.

Some colours boost energy, while others offer a soothing and comforting experience by the person who is looking at or wearing such colours. There are basically seven colours in a spectrum of light, and each one is different and unique from the other. The colours on the red side of the spectrum are called warm colours; while the colours on the blue side of the spectrum are called cool colours.

Warm colours include red, orange and yellow. They give a sense of warmth and have an emotive feeling attached to it. On the extreme side, it can aggravate feelings of anger, hate, resentment, hostility, danger and bloodshed. Ironically, the red colour stands itself for feelings of love. The cool colours consist of blue, purple and green. These colours have a calming and harmonizing effect on the mood, but these can also transform the mood into sadness, depression and melancholy.

In ancient times, chromotherapy or “color therapy” was used to treat psychological problems, because the people in those times thoroughly believed in the effects of colors on the mood. However, such treatment is termed as temporary treatment because the influence of colors does not last on the mood for a long time.

This is indeed an established fact that colours do have the power to influence human mood. One interesting fact about the influence of colours on the mood is that each culture associates a different meaning to each colour.

Red colour can increase pulse rate, while blue color can slower the pulse rate. Red colour lifts up the mood and spirit instantly; while the blue color calms down the nerves. People who are in depressive moods often try to cheer themselves up by wearing a red dress or red lip color, because it reflects an upbeat mood. Red is a favourite colour for designers because it makes the perfect formal and evening wear. Red roses or even a red coloured wall can alter the look of a room in a house tremendously.

Blue is a cool colour, and this color is mostly used in offices. Blue stands for cool and calm mindedness. It also gives a feeling of expanse and vastness. The green color has similar effects on the mood, and it brings one closer to nature. Green is the colour of youth, and it influences the mood of people in a healthy way.

Black is a mysterious and magical colour; it has contrasting and conflicting influences on the moods of people. It is considered to give a sexy, powerful and evil feeling. On the other hand, white is associated with purity, spirituality and innocence. Moreover, colours have different effects on different people.…

A Filtered Water Dispenser and Why Every Home Should Have One Today

A Filtered Water Dispenser and Why Every Home Should Have One Today

There’s no doubt about it, a quality filtered water dispenser is becoming a necessity today as the levels of contaminants in our supply increases.

There are two main types to choose from which are reverse osmosis (RO) and activated carbon block.

The RO filtered water dispenser is not recommended especially because many retailers suggest you add on a carbon block to improve the removal rate! Why have two systems when one will do?

The problem with RO filters is that they are based on old technology and are unable to remove the small synthetic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. In addition they take out trace minerals like calcium which are required for good health.

An activated carbon block filter on the other hand is able to chemically bind the contaminants to its surface as well as manually removing them. This translates into a much higher removal rate with the most effective systems being able to remove 99% of all the main ones.

Two of the most important toxins to remove are lead and chlorine as they are the most prevalent and harmful ones.

Chlorine is still used to disinfect the water because it is cheap but should be removed before use. What happens is it combines with other toxins in the supply to form deadly THM’s which can lead to cancer.

In fact you have a 93% higher chance of getting some form of cancer if you do not remove the chlorine first with a quality filtered water dispenser

With the introduction of chloramine (chlorine and ammonia), lead levels are rising. Although this toxin of choice is used to clean the water of 1 in 5 Americans and removes more harmful organisms, it also leaches lead from the pipes.

The only systems to remove 99% of both of these are activated carbon block filters that use a dual filter system, ion exchange and sub micron filtering.

It is also important that your filtered water dispenser can deliver enough so that you don’t have to wait around all day to get a glass full! Ones that can deliver up to 30 gallons an hour are best.

As you can see, it is vital to have at least one pure water faucet in your home to protect the health and future well-being of your family.

Visit my website below if you would like to learn more about the types of water filtration systems that I personally recommend and use.…

An Under Counter Water Dispenser Can Keep Your Family Safe

An Under Counter Water Dispenser Can Keep Your Family Safe

If you drink water directly from your kitchen faucet, you may want to look into under counter water dispenser products. These products are great for people who drink directly from their home’s faucets, because they can provide the same ease of access that kitchen faucets provide without letting dangerous contaminants into your home’s drinking supply.

These filters can filter out harmful chemicals like chlorine, but they can also filter out metals that may be present within a home’s drinking supply too. Metal is commonly found in water sourced from kitchen faucets. So, an under the counter filter may actually be able to save your life if you purchase one for your kitchen faucet.

These products can also be used in multiple ways as well. Some people actually wire their filters to ice makers in their kitchens. By wiring a filter to your ice maker, your ice maker will always produce ice cubes that do not contain any dangerous chemicals or contaminants.

If you purchase this type of product though, you should definitely look into the various types of filters that are on the market today. Some filtration products utilize unique filtering methods. Also, some filters can filter larger quantities of water, while other filters are designed for minimal use.

Another aspect of filtration products on the market today you may want to take into consideration before making a purchase includes the faucet setup. Some products come with high-quality faucets too. Other systems come with simple faucet setups, which may make your system look cheap overall.

Of course, you can save a great deal of money by simply purchasing a low capacity faucet on the market today. You can also save a great deal of money by purchasing some of the filtration products that utilize cheap filtration methods. The filtration products that come with cheap plastic faucet heads are often sold to the open market at bargain basement prices.

If you would like to improve the overall quality of the product you purchase, you may want to look into filtration products that utilize high-quality filtration techniques, like reverse osmosis processes. If you are interested in high quality filters, you should also look for products that come with high quality faucets made out of luxurious metals. High quality products, the most expensive filters available, are also generally capable of filtering larger quantities of materials as well.

So, if you are interested in filtering your home’s drinking supply, you should look into under counter water dispenser products. These filtration products can make the filtering process very easy to do in general. These products can also filter thousands of gallons without requiring any maintenance whatsoever. When you do purchase this type of product for your home, you should definitely review the different types of filtration techniques that are included in filter products on the market today, the different types of faucets each product comes with, as well as the filtration capacity that is provided by each product you are interested in. As long as you take all of these factors into consideration before you make your purchase, you will certainly select the best product on the market for your home.…

An Avanti Water Dispenser is Great For the Home

An Avanti Water Dispenser is Great For the Home

Water is life and without it, our lives would be difficult. We require water for drinking, cleaning, watering plants and so on. Water for drinking must always be safe. However, even after boiling it, you should keep water safely. Otherwise, the water might attract pollutants without your knowledge. The Avanti water dispenser is a perfect solution for most households. The company has been making water dispensers for a long time now. Homeowners have gained enough trust with its water.

If you have children in the house, you realize how carelessly they drink water. Many do not care if the water is clean or contaminated. They simply fetch it from the tap and gulp it quickly. Do you know that you could prevent this from happening? Simply introduce a water dispenser in your house. Then, train your children to fetch water from the dispenser always. The dispensers from Avanti are completely easy to use. Anyone can squeeze fresh, cold water from the dispensers. Some office or home use dispensers are thermoelectric styles for storing very cold water.

You need this type this summer because your family members and you are likely to feel thirsty often. Get yourself a counter top model, featuring a non-compressor system. This is a nice item because it is easy to fit in your home or office surroundings. Avanti water dispenser styles are numerous. Some can hold normal sized bottles, holding three or more water gallons. You should first determine the amount of water you require for drinking each day. This will help you pick the correct size bottles to use in your home. In addition, you can decide the types of features you want to see on your dispensers. As you might discover soon, a few dispensers do not hold bottles, some have led lights, and beautiful colors.

It is up to you to buy equipment that suits your family needs. A number of dispensers have a drip tray, and do not give you a hassle when assembling. Perhaps you have a hotel in your local town. In this case, you should buy a huge avanti dispenser to supply your clients with clean cold water. These items are normally very sturdy and durable. As long as you take care of your dispenser, it will serve you for a long time. The best shopping place is the Internet. The broad product range you can find online is certainly not comparable to the one you have seen before.

Thus, you have a chance to pick different styles of dispensers, and pay according to your financial ability. These items are not very expensive, and what is more, all people trust Avanti brand. If you want to confirm, simply take time to read their comments and reviews. Buying the avanti water dispenser does not only save you money. It also assures you that your family can get a flow of fresh cold water for drinking. In addition, you could rest assured that you would not be doing another shopping task soon. The brand’s dispensers have a matchless craftsmanship as well. They are made of strong and safe materials also.…

Choose the Best Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

Choose the Best Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

You may be having trouble choosing the best curtain for your bathroom. Before you get it into it, it’s paramount to know the types of shower curtains available. Here is a list of some of the most important parameters for choosing a good curtain.

Apart from factors like the look and the aesthetics, it is also important to look at the material that you want. The cost of the curtain will mainly depend on the material and the design that you want. The most popular curtains are the ones made of cotton, nylon or terry cloth.

Many of the modern-day shower curtains are water-resistant. This is a very important factor nowadays. It is however better to go for stain resistant ones as they last much longer. It is also easy to maintain a stain resistant shower curtain. The effort required to wash one such curtain is much less and requires very less maintenance.

A fabric curtain gives a good look to your bathroom. It can make your bathroom look brighter if you go for the right color combinations. However the problem is that it requires a lot of maintenance. They must be washed regularly and the longevity is also much lesser compared to any other curtain. So it may require a shower curtain liner. A liner is in fact a must for a fabric curtain. It makes the curtain look a bit heavier also.

A vinyl curtain can be a good choice if you want an inexpensive option. They also last longer, but the flip side is that it doesn’t give a luxurious look. If looks are your primary concern, don’t go for this. However if budget is your primary constraint then this is highly recommended.

If you have young kids at home, then a designer curtain should be your choice. There are many modern prints available and many of the popular figures and cartoon creatures are available in various designs. You can choose the design that you want. It can also be customized per your needs. A lot of shops today show you ready-made shapes and designs which can be printed on the curtain in a short time.

For guest rooms, it is better to go for one which has an aristocratic look. So choose a curtain which is colorful with good designs.

In short, it is important for your shower curtain to infuse energy to your bathroom. It can change the beauty of your bathroom and can convey a lot about your tastes to people who matter. So make a conscious choice by factoring in all the important parameters mentioned above.…

HVAC Ductwork

HVAC Ductwork

When replacing or upgrading your heating or air conditioning in Denver, always consider the duct work. A good amount of cool air will be wasted on a broken duct. Duct work is often ignored, but because of advances in the efficiency of HVAC systems now, a leaky duct can be very detrimental to your system. Almost every system will need some ducting, even a improperly designed duct will not deliver the correct ventilation when you want it. Having a cutting edge air conditioner will be a waste if the ducts are not properly engineered.

A good analogy on how Denver HVAC systems work is to think of a sprinkler and water hose. If you buy an expensive sprinkler but have a old leaky hose, you will not get high pressure no matter what. You are not going to deliver air as efficiently as the air unit’s specifications without a matching duct system. Once you have a advanced duct system delivering cooling air, you will realize your HVAC’s full potential.

Once one of these HVAC systems are installed, make sure it receives proper start-up care to see if it is working as designed. This includes checking for all leaks and the entire system. Always seal your ducts. Duct tape does not stick long and is actually the worst way to insulate your Denver air conditioner. The area where the duct connects to floors, walls, other units, or bends are common areas for duct leakage. Outgoing ventilation should also be checked because anywhere hot wet air leaks is a prime location for mildew, which can cause further blockages in your AC, as well as damaging your house.

An oversized duct system costs more to maintain and will not deliver cool air as quickly. A strained system is noisy and more likely to fail. It is important therefore to have a certified Colorado HVAC expert design your system with a unified plan. The size of your system is determined by the BTU requirements and the amount of room available in the building for ductwork. Air conditioning requires more energy than heat, so the whole system should be sized for your AC size.…

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