August 2019

Retro Decor Ideas to Try at Your Home

Retro Decor Ideas

Retro themes have re-emerged lately. Even though it looks very classic, but many people like it. It’s maybe suitable for any kinds of things such as for home. For those who are looking for retro decor ideas, you can look at this article. There will be some recommendation of stuffs to install at your home. It’s no longer difficult in choosing the best design. Form the retro decor ideas ideas below, you can make your home looks so classic.

Black and White Floor Tile

A room with plain white walls is the best way to make a room look retro. But it’s still not perfect if you don’t add a unique floor. Black and White tile is one of the models that you can install at home. Especially if this is placed in your kitchen. This will create a retro feel like going back to the old days. Besides, it will also make your kitchen look brighter. This is the number one of retro decor ideas you should apply. Who knows if it fits your home very well.

Vintage Furnitures

Besides floor, furniture also essential to create a retro home look. There are bunch of choices whether it’s chair, cabinet, or others. But you should know to place it at your home. Home office becomes the best choice for vintage furniture. We all know that spending most of our time in a room would be boring. Therefore, create a good mood by designing your home office. You can look for vintage bookcase or wood desk to make your room perfect.

The Existence of Retro Feature Wall

In line with the furniture, the existence of retro feature wall is helpful. Yeah, this is the number three of retro decor ideas to try. Many wall hangings may look very childish to some people. But if it’s replaced with a retro feel, this will create a unique look. Don’t leave your walls plain and very boring. You can apply the proper interior arrangement without the help of consultants. Look for DIY interior design through Youtube and even movies. You must ever found a home that has very retro look on social media. You can take a screenshot or save it as reference.

Small Bench near to Telephone

Small thing like bench could be important too for your home. But you might be confused where it should be placed. Telephone is a place that is rarely noticed. Even though it’s only for receiving and calling people, it needs to be comfortable. Well, to make it cozier and retro, you can add a bench near to the telephone. This will be very useful when you want to gossiping for a long time. What you should now is looking for a bench with a design that is quite unique in terms of colour and shape. You can make it looks fun by adding bright colour and patterned pillow. For those who want to be more innovative, you can make a telephone table that can be used as a sofa at the same time. This will be very efficient and definitely save more costs.…

Creative Fall Yard Decor Ideas to Apply

Fall Yard Decor Ideas

Looking for fall yard decor ideas? It should be frustrating in designing the exterior like yard. It’s because people often focus on the interior more. No wonder if many of them end up in decoring. Fall becomes a beautiful to decor your yard. In addition, autumn occurs between September and November in some part of the world. So, this month is also identical with Halloween. This is the right time to create an attractive fall yard design. There are some creative fall yard décor ideas to follow below.

Custome Doormat

Doormat becomes the first focus for fall yard décor ideas. Although it’s only as a part of decoration and as a stampede, but the carpet is important. Imagine that there is no doormat at your home, it would be uncomfortable. You might also not aware if people often pay attention to doormats in other people’s homes. Well, you can adjust it to your fall yard. If it is very difficult to find a design that looks very autumn, you can custom it. There are many writings that can be printed on the mat. “Welcome” may be too mainstream that you can replace it with a word that so autumn.

Fall Colours for Yard

Besides doormat, the use of fall colour would be good too. This is the number two of fall yard decor ideas to try. As we can already discuss, fall is identical to Halloween too. Well, orange decoration seems right for your garden. But red and yellow also still look very autumn. You can put autumn wreath at the entrance of the park or put pumpkin near the plants. You don’t need to buy the wreath because you can make it by yourself. There are DIYs you can follow how to make a beautiful fall wreath.

Create Spot for Hangout

The number three of fall yard decor ideas is create spot for hangout. Enjoying autumn nights is impressive. Especially if all of them gather in your house. Therefore, you need to make a spot to hangout. Yes, this is not much different when you want to make a spot for barbecue. Enjoying autumn nights is impressive especially if all of people gather in your house. Therefore, you need to make a spot to hangout. Yes, this is not much different when you want to make a spot for barbecue. There will be several items that you must prepare like tables, chairs, and fireplaces. But for the sofa, this will look good if you use wood. So, the natural impression will be suitable for your fall yard.

Hang Pumpkin Lanterns

Last but not least, you can hang the pumpkin lanterns in your yard. Neon lamps are very mainstream and sometimes expensive. But there are still more efficient and unique alternatives. You can use pumpkin and make it as a lamp. This does not have to use a large pumpkin because it adjusts the place for installation. However, pumpkin with a small size can also make a good look. You can hang it on the fence in a row.…

Blue Living Room Decor Ideas to Apply

Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

Blue can indeed make the house look fresh. No wonder if there are blue living room decor ideas. Whether it’s for the whole house or just part of the house like a living room, it’s a must. As we know, living room is a place to gather with family and even relatives to visit. Therefore, this must be designed properly without reducing comfort. Well, this blue colour might be good to make your living room more attractive. However, you don’t need to go to the home consultant because it will spend much money. Here are the blue living room decor ideas that might help.

Navy Blue Wall

Actually, not all things have to be painted blue. This is because it will make the house look very flat. So, you have to be really sure if the combination of other colours blends perfectly with each other. Then when it comes to deciding which colour, you can only apply blue. Navy is one of the choices for those who want to create a classic atmosphere. This can be combined with painting with square frames. In addition, the use of colours that are lighter than the sofa needs to be considered. You can buy a white sofa so that the display looks balance.

Modern Turquoise Sofa

In terms of the sofa, you can try to put the turquoise sofa. This is suitable if you want a modern design. As we discussed before, the choice of sofa becomes important too. But if you want to bring a blue colour of sofa to living room, you can adjust it with the wall. Your sofa can be in lighter colour and the wall can be in the darker. Don’t forget to measure the size of sofa and the room itself.

Install Round Mirror

The number three of blue living room decor ideas is install round mirror. Complementary items or furniture are also very support of how the room will look. Mirror is the thing you must pay attention now. It’s not just the bathroom that needs to be fitted with glass. Living room is also suitable because it can make it look more beautiful and even wider. You can install a round shaped glass with a gold coloured frame. This will create a classic and luxurious look. While for the size, it can be according to the width of the wall. You can even install more than one if the size of the mirror is not too large.

Blue Patchwork Rug

The next item that can be essential for your living room is rug. For those who an industrial theme, there is the right choice of rug namely Patchwork. Unlike the other kind of rug that only play in colours, this one is different. There are well-arranged patterns that are even more than one. This will surely look unique and catch everyone eyes. So, choose a pattern that suits your preference that has a perfect blue colour. It’s better to look for inspiration on magazine or Pinterest.  Don’t make yourself regret for not looking for references first.…

Try These Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Just like decorating our bathroom, this also needs a challenge for the kids bathroom. This is because the age of the child is also an aspect that must be considered. We cannot carelessly choose decorations that make them fall to the floor. According to this case, you should learn more about kids bathroom decor ideas.  Wherever you find the inspiration, choose one is suitable. Remember that not all decorating examples given will be liked by your children. Therefore, adjust to some things that make your child excited. These ideas will help you to make a dream kids bathroom.

Patterned Wall

Instead of installing pastel colours to the wall, you can try patterned one. There are many wallpapers with attractive patterns to buy. You can choose fun patterns like animals or animated characters. But before buying one, make sure that this is what they like. They will be very comfortable to take a bath while playing in the bathroom. But if you can’t the pattern, you can choose one which is acceptable for kids.

Kids Friendly Bathroom Storage

The number two of kids bathroom decor ideas is providing bathroom storage. As we know, it is the most important thing in a home. If it’s not arranged properly and neatly, this will make it difficult for us to shower. Especially for children who are still not able to reach high places. Therefore, it is important to make kids friendly bathroom storage. Think about what should be put in the child’s bathroom whether soap or shampoo. Then consider the location of the storage area is it easy to reach or not. Make your child be independent without your help when they are bathing.

Cute Pattern of Shower Curtain

Same as when you choose wallpaper, you need to buy cute curtain pattern too. This is the number three of kids bathroom decor ideas. If arranging the bathroom is difficult for you, just changing the curtain can make it look different. Go to a place that sells cute curtains for children. Decide which one is the most preferred whether it’s the colour, softness, or strength.

Re-Designed Mirror

One thing that is useful for bathroom is the existence of a mirror. But glass can be very expensive especially when you don’t have a lot of money. But you don’t need to be sad because you can redesign an existing mirror. There are many places to look for inspiration. You can make DIY according to your imagination. The frame is what we can redesign. Prepare the equipment needed including paint and brushes. But you have to be careful because this is for children. Make sure if the colour and shape are kids friendly.

Anti-Slip Rug

One more thing you should not forget is anti-slip rug. You might be forgot to buy this one for your kids bathroom. You can choose rug in one colour or in a picture. But buying a carpet with cute characters on it seems better. You will be not worry anymore because the anti-slip rug will protect your kids from slip.…

Vintage Kitchen Decor Ideas for Perfect Look

Vintage Kitchen Decor Ideas

Everyone has their own comfortable place at home. Kitchen is one of the favorite spots especially for women. Therefore, there are many of them who design the kitchen to be more comfortable. Vintage becomes the most chosen these days. No wonder if people looking for vintage kitchen decor ideas. Even though it’s very classic but it’s preferable. No matter how big or small it is, anyone can make a perfect vintage look. There are some ideas that might help you below.

The Use of Playful Colours

White, brown and red are often used for kitchens. But are you satisfied with these colours? You need to know if there are still colours that are more suitable for the kitchen. You can choose more playful colours like yellow or people. In addition, you can also use a very vintage pattern. Geometric wallpaper is one option that you can apply. This would be great by installing a round chandelier to create retro visuals.

Mix the Texture

Mixing textures into the second point of vintage kitchen decor ideas. Although your goal is to create a vintage look, but it can be combined as well. Even so, you will still be able to feel a strong vintage feel. You can combine two different textures at once in one room. Marble and wood are examples that you can apply. As we know, both have different textures. Marble is very smooth and shiny while wood has fiber. Well, to make it even more perfect, you can install cabinets with some items that have luxury materials such as metal

Patchwork Display

Patchwork Display became the third number for vintage kitchen decor ideas. Although the kitchen does not focus much on the wall, but you can make it lively. A choice of bright colours will be useless if it is not optimized with a unique display. Lots of things can be hung on the kitchen wall like paintings or other decorations. However, for those who think that paintings are boring, patchwork is perfect for you. Although it will be very full, but this is a favorite alternative. But pay attention to the shape and colour that roughly matches the kitchen. Do not choose a size that is too large if your kitchen is not very spacious. While if you have wide size of kitchen, you can think it again. Do not regret because you are wrong in estimating.

Old Schooled Accent

For those who really want to display something on the wall like a poster, you can do it. But you must choose a poster with a vintage and bright colour. In addition, you can also add unique accessories. That can be a modern bard chair, a cabinet that combines two lines, or the other. Yeah, old schooled accent becomes the number four of vintage kitchen decor ideas to try. When you can apply the previous ideas, it will be less if you don’t include this one. As we know that accessories can make anything look different. Therefore, prepare what items you will put in the kitchen before. Don’t forget to measure the size of them so it will look balance.…

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